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2013-14 Faculty Fellows

Dr. Angelique Harris, assistant professor of social and cultural science

Dr. Angelique Harris, assistant professor in social and cultural sciences, has an extensive publication record investigating community issues at the intersections of sexuality, race/ethnicity, and religious identity. The goal of her work is to promote social justice through a better understanding of social inequalities among communities of color, immigrant groups, women, members of the queer community, people of lower socioeconomic statuses, and their intersections. Her research advances the field of sociology and Marquette while assisting the communities studied and highlighting their achievements and gains. Dr. Harris brings her race, gender, sexual orientation, and class to both research and teaching to empower students as well as the communities within which she works.

While in residence at the GSRC, Dr. Harris plans to encourage more student research and scholarship through residency and through by helping to promote and disseminate student research on sex, sexuality and gender. Dr. Harris will continue her research project “Promoting Health Body Weight among African American Women in Lindsay Heights” in partnership with the Medical College of Wisconsin and the Bread of Healing Clinic. Dr. Harris will also build partnerships to explore administrative projects that will advance Marquette’s diversity and inclusion work, such as a Safe Space LGBTQ workshop.

Dr. Edward de St. Aubin, associate professor of psychology

Dr. Ed de St. Aubin, associate professor of psychology, is a long-standing supporter of the integrated teaching, research, and advocacy that comprise the GSRC Mission. His scholarly work, based on the lifespan personality development approach, includes extensive publication on human psychology, psychosocial well-being, sexual behavior and generativity as a path to meaning in life.

His research focus and community work as the GSRC Faculty Fellow will address the intersection of faith and sexuality in the lives of university students. Dr. de St. Aubin’s residency will expand his ongoing study on sexuality and faith, currently underway in partnership with the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, which uses developmental, personological (whole person), and cultural lenses to learn more about how undergraduate students experience faith and sexuality. While in residence at the GSRC, Dr. de St. Aubin will also host forums promoting interdisciplinary learning among faculty and supporting scholarship among students.

2012-13 Faculty Fellows

The center’s first Faculty Fellows helped shape the center’s academic programming and enhance interdisciplinary collaboration on scholarly work related to gender and sexuality issues.