Lifelong Learners and Legacy Society Members:
Larry, eng '72, and Susan Rausch

Life-long learning is a goal for many of us. For Larry Rausch, Eng ’72, it’s a way of life. From his humble log cabin roots, Larry has cultivated himself into a true Renaissance man.   

Growing up, when not working and going to school, Larry spent his time tinkering – he especially enjoyed “shop” classes. He saved his money and went to DeVry Institute of Technology, then transferred to Marquette to pursue a degree in electrical engineering.  

During this time, Larry had turned down a job offer at Xerox Corporation so he could focus on his studies. Recognizing the value of the opportunity, however, he sought a co-op position at the company instead, becoming the first Marquette student to do so. The venture proved fortuitous. At Xerox, not only did Larry parlay his co-op position into a successful career, he also met Susan, who eventually became his wife. “I remember finding him very interesting right from the start,” says Susan.  

Over the years, Larry has spent his free time developing his talents in photography, painting and woodworking. He co-founded a chain of pet supply stores. He’s also amassed impressive collections, most notably, 19th century British postage stamps known as Penny Reds. Now retired, Larry is writing a guide book about Penny Reds, which will include more than 144,000 photos of individual stamps.   

Susan is Larry’s editor, both for his book and his various presentations. She is also working as a staff assistant at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). Susan and Larry live very near RIT and enjoy the short commute, both for Susan’s work and the adult education classes they take.

Larry credits Susan and Marquette University as contributing to his love of learning. “I received an excellent education at Marquette, and we both agreed that giving to Marquette would be a good thing to do.” He and Susan have named the university a beneficiary of their estate and are now members of the St. Ignatius Legacy Society which honors those who demonstrate their commitment to Marquette through an estate provision or planned gift.

What advice do these life-long learners have for students?  “Do what you love, be nice and work together— teamwork matters. Make eye contact and speak directly to people. All the things you were taught when you were in kindergarten actually do matter.” 


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