Ensuring a competitive future:
John, Arts '66, and Terry Schaefer


John, Arts '66, and Terry Schaefer believe a focus on science is imperative to the future success of the United States as a leader in the global marketplace. In 2006, they established the John & Terry Schaefer Scholarship for Science Fund to enable deserving students to pursue careers in the sciences. The Schaefers know that education is essential for attaining the skills and critical thinking that enable individuals to be successful later in life.

"I was very fortunate and received a four-year, full-tuition scholarship to Marquette. It is time to give something back," says John, who graduated with a major in chemistry and a minor in biology, and has utilized his degree as a chemist and Director of Information Systems at Monsanto Company.

Troy Lenz, Arts '16, a past Schaefer scholarship recipient, is immensely thankful that he is able to attend Marquette. "Without this scholarship, I would not be attending Marquette. I know what I need to accomplish. I must take on John and Terry's goal of improving education because I was entrusted with this scholarship. I owe them, Marquette—everyone—on a global scale.

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