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Marquette University

Graduate Student Organization Constitution

Revised and Approved May 2016




This constitution sets out the structure and functioning of the Graduate Student Organization— Marquette University.


Article I: Name


The name of this organization shall be the Graduate Student Organization—Marquette University (hereinafter either “the Organization” or “GSO”).


Article II: Purpose


The Organization will have as its primary mission to serve as a channel for graduate students to voice concerns, resolve difficulties, and provide feedback on issues that directly affect graduate student life at Marquette University. Consistent with the University Mission Statement, it will accomplish this goal by:

Actively representing graduate students to the University

Advocating for changes deemed necessary by graduate students

Fostering inter-departmental cooperation and exchange

Encouraging unity among all graduate students

Improving the academic environment for graduate students through sponsored events

Providing social events for graduate students

Working with University Ministry to provide spiritual support for graduate students who seek it


Article III: Membership


Section 1: Membership in the GSO shall be available to any part-time or full-time graduate or professional student enrolled at Marquette University.


Section 2: Non-Discrimination Clause. Consistent with all applicable federal and state laws and University policies, this organization and its subordinate bodies and officers shall not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, skin color, age, sexual orientation, religion, veteran’s status, sex, gender identity, national origin, or disability in its selection of members, educational programs, or activities.


Section 3: Dues. At this time no dues are levied. This provision is subject to change at the Organization’s discretion.


Section 4: Financial Matters. All expenditures require the approval of the Executive Board of the Organization


Article IV: Officers 


Section 1: Officers of the Organization

1) The primary officer of the Organization will be the Chair. A Vice Chair and Community Integration Chair may be elected by the organization as needed.

2) The officers must be members in good standing of the Organization.

3) Officers shall be current full-time graduate or professional students enrolled at Marquette University.

4) New offices may be created, as necessary, at the discretion of the Organization.

5) All other responsibilities will be distributed according to the discretion of the Organization. Committees, both standing and ad hoc may be created or disassembled at the discretion of the GSO.

6) All officers shall serve for one academic year (August through May), but may be reelected for a subsequent term.


Section 2: Election of Officers

1) Election of officers will occur prior to the end of the spring semester in a manner consistent with the voting procedures outlined in Article VII. A candidate must have a plurality of the vote to win the election.

2) Candidates must be members in good standing in the Organization.

3) In the event that no Chair is elected, the Vice-chair will take on the responsibilities of the Chair until a new chair is elected.


Section 3: Officers shall not be on academic or university probation at the time of their elections and throughout their terms of office.


Section 4: Duties of Officers

1) Chair: this officer shall coordinate meeting times, locations, and agendas, and will be responsible for conducting meetings. The primary duties of the Chair are to lead the organization with assistance from the Coordinator and other officers.

2) Vice Chair: this officer shall carry on all the duties of the Chair in the absence of the Chair and will act as the interim Chair if the Chair should resign or be removed from office.

3) Community Integration Chair: this officer shall identify social, service and faith-based opportunities in the Greater Milwaukee Area that graduate students could attend.


Section 4: Removal of Officers

1) The removal of an Officer requires a 2/3 vote of a quorum following the

notification of the Officer in question. Such notification shall be provided in writing no less than seven days prior to the vote. The vote shall be conducted according to voting procedures outlined in Article VII.

2) Upon the removal of an Officer, the Chair shall nominate an interim Officer to fill that position. If the Chair is removed, the Vice-Chair shall assume the Chair’s position in the interim as provided in Article IV, §4.2.


Section 5: Replacement of Officers 

If an Officer leaves their position within the Organization for any reason, a replacement Officer shall be elected for the remainder of the term within one month. This election shall be conducted according to the voting procedures outline in Article VII.


Article V: Organization Council and Committees


Section 1: Organization Council

1) The Council will be composed of up to one graduate student representative from each graduate or professional program at Marquette University.

2) Each graduate or professional program is responsible for delegating its graduate student representative.

3) If no graduate student representative is selected by a department, the GSO Officers may appoint a representative for the program or the program may not be represented within the council.


Section 2: The Organization as a whole shall have the authority to create any committees, standing or special, that will further the purpose of the Organization.


Section 3: Campus Committee Student Representatives

1) Many executive, faculty, and staff committees request graduate students to serve as representatives. Some of these committees are temporary, while others are permanent. As such, representative positions may be created or dissolved without approval from the Organization.

2) Open calls for applications for graduate student representatives will be publicized as needed. Subsequently, the Officers and Coordinator will appoint representatives from the applicants. If necessary, elections can be conducted following the voting procedures included within this constitution.

3) Removal of representatives requires a vote.


Article VI: Meetings


Section 1: Regularly scheduled meeting shall be held at least twice a semester while school is in session at a time and place to be determined by the Organization.


Section 2: Meeting times shall be publicized on the GSO web site at least seven days prior to the meeting.


Article VII: Voting


Section 1: Matters Requiring a Vote

1) The Organization shall vote on any official business, including but not limited to elections of Officers.

2) No vote is needed for informal input and feedback by the Organization.


Section 2: Voting Procedure

1) All votes shall be prominently announced at least seven days prior to the conclusion of the voting period.

2) All current members of the Organization are eligible to vote.

3) Voting shall be conducted by an electronic method that allows members to vote without having to attend a particular meeting.

4) A quorum for a vote is 10 members.

5) A majority vote is required for all decisions unless otherwise specified. A majority vote succeeds if more people vote for the proposal than against it. A 2/3 vote requires an affirmative response from 2/3 of the members who submit votes in order to prevail.

6) Ties for majority and plurality votes shall be broken by the decision of the Chair, Vice-Chair, and Community Integration Chair.


Article VIII: Affiliation


At present, the Graduate Student Organization—Marquette University is not affiliated with any organizations outside of Marquette University. The Organization may vote to form such affiliations if it sees fit.


Article IX: Amendments


Section 1: All amendments to this constitution must be approved by a 2/3 vote through the voting procedures outlined in Article VII.

Section 2: Amendments become effective only after approval by the Office of Student Development. Nothing in this constitution shall be subject to review by MUSG.


Article X: Ratification


This constitution shall become active upon the 2/3 vote of the Organization, to be conducted in accordance with the voting procedure in Article VII and the approval of the Office of Student Development.


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