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Practical applications and pure research that enhances the welfare of mankind and strives for the greater good.  Some recent student projects include:

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Charissa Keup

Charissa, History

Charissa's research connects teen pregnancy in the 1940s and 1950s to today's society. By looking back to provide historical perspective (where were they sent and who took care of them), Charissa is applying what she has learned of Milwaukee and Chicago in the 1940's & 50's and teen pregnancy to compare and contrast those understandings to teen mom's still often treated as social outcasts today.

Daniel Farmer

Daniel, Philosophy

Daniel is studying ethics, specifically the relationship between scientific practices and value-making practices to see how they overlap.  Learning more about the world can inform the value-making/value-creating practices and help individuals be better at them.

Stacy Stolzman

Stacy, Clinical and Translational Health Science

Stacy is investigating physical fitness, pain, and inflammatory markers in children in both normal weight categories and overweight & obese categories. As society encourages children to exercise and seek help in their weight management, they are often in pain.  By identifying mechanisms associated with obesity and pain better treatment interventions for children can be made available.


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