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Summer 2015 ONLINE Graduate School Orientation

Access our ongoing ONLINE ORIENTATION below!



Your online orientation is comprised of online videos, online written instructions and a PowerPoint presentation. When you are finished with your orientation, please complete and submit the online evaluation.



Online Videos and PowerPoint Slides

Click on the links below to view lecture-style presentations, which were recorded at our last in-person event held August 21, 2014.  The same policies are still in place from last fall. Any changes to policies will begin next fall.

Follow along using the corresponding PowerPoint presentation.


Be sure to download and install the latest version of QuickTime from Apple to properly view the videos.

1.  Welcome! MU Overview, Graduate School's Role, GSO & PFFP
     Mr. Craig Pierce (Length: 1 min., 5 sec.)

     Assistant Dean, Graduate School

     Dr. Jeanne Hossenlopp (Length: 11 min., 20 sec.)

     Vice Provost for Research and Dean of the Graduate School

2.  Academic Resources - Libraries (Length: 11 min., 2 sec.)
     Ms. Rose Trupiano

     Librarian, Raynor Memorial Libraries

3.  Academic Resources - Information Technology Services (Length: 11 min., 32 sec.)
     Ms. Kathy Lang

     Chief Information Officer, IT Services

4.  Graduate Student Academic Requirements (Length: 6 min., 31 sec.)
     Dr. Kevin Gibson

     Associate Dean, Graduate School

5.  Graduate School Policies and Procedures (Length: 6 min. 41 sec.)
     Ms. Sherri Lex

     Assistant Director for Student Records, Graduate School

6.  Campus Life (Length: 11 min., 29 sec.)

     Ms. Lizzie Kerrick

     Admissions Coordinator, Graduate School



Important Information to Get Started

Get written instructions and web links now on various items to get you started as a student.



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