Advice for Applying for Graduate Student Fellowships

Fellowships are highly competitive, and so students need to prepare their applications very carefully. Of course, the most prestigious fellowship programs are the most competitive and are looking for individuals whose past accomplishments suggest that they are likely to go on to careers of influence and outstanding accomplishment. For all fellowships, however, students need to prepare their applications very carefully and should begin working on them months in advance of deadlines. Successful applications usually go through several revisions after being reviewed by multiple individuals familiar with the area of interest and the particular fellowship program.

Some fellowship and scholarship programs are open to students from a variety of areas, but many are open only to students from a specific field of study. Successful applicants obviously need to be knowledgeable about the specific qualifications for the program they are applying to, and address their applications accordingly.

To illustrate the range of opportunities that are available, click here for basic information on some of the more popular fellowship opportunities.

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