Inter-University Exchange Program


Marquette University to University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee Exchange

The purpose of this Graduate Student Exchange Program is to enrich the course offerings of both institutions.

The requirements to participate are:

  1. You must be a Marquette University, graduate degree-seeking student in good standing
  2. The course that you propose to take at University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee (UWM) must be one that is not offered at Marquette. The only exception is if:

(a) the course is required for your degree

(b) and the course is not being offered during the term in question.

If both of those conditions are met, then you may take the course at UWM even if Marquette does occasionally offer the same course.

3. You must register at Marquette for the GRAD 6933 course that will reflect the course that you are taking at UWM.

These are variable credit, variable title courses that will show the same title and number of credits as the course that you are taking at UWM.

To register at Marquette for GRAD 6933, you must complete the appropriate 6933 registration form.

* Submission of the GRAD 6933 form will cause you to be manually registered at Marquette. You are unable to register for this course via CheckMarq.

You must get the approval of your adviser, the DGS in your department, or your department chair. The form should then be submitted to the Graduate School. You must be manually registered for the course, and the Graduate School will do this for you.

4. You must also apply at UWM using the following link: and select the "Marquette/UWM Exchange Application" link. There will be no application fee and no supporting documents required.  If you have questions about the UWM application, please contact Mr. Christopher Parks or (414) 229-6332.

5. Once admitted to UWM, you must register at UWM for the class that you intend to take. Chris Parks can help you with registration.

6. There is a limit of six (6) credits that may be taken at UWM and transferred into a Marquette degree program.

7. UWM uses + and - grades. Those grades will be converted to the appropriate Marquette grades. For example, both an A- and a B+ will become an AB in the Marquette system.

8. Because of differences in timing of the terms between Marquette and UWM, the grade for GRAD 6933 will not be reflected on your Marquette end-of-term grade report. You will initially be given a grade of Course Incomplete ("IC"), which will be changed to the appropriate grade once all of the administrative steps are completed. Generally UWM courses run later than MU course. Because of this lag, you should be aware that if you take a course at UWM during your final term, your graduation most likely will need to be delayed.

9. Tuition is paid at Marquette University at the Marquette University per credit rate.

If you have any other questions, please contact the Graduate School: (414) 288-7137.