1. Amount of Award: The dollar value of your award is stated on your offer letter. Your award will not pay for more than this amount. You must pay for all charges that exceed the stated dollar value of your scholarship and for tuition/fees related to courses that are not covered by your scholarship.

 2. Disbursement of Your Scholarship Your scholarship will be applied to your Bursar account or show up as an anticipated payment, after we receive your acceptance of your offer and after you register for classes. Actual posting of scholarships typically is done one week before classes start. If you receive a scholarship after you already paid for your courses, you will be notified by the Bursar when you may receive a refund.

3. Eligible Courses: Scholarship awards may only be used to pay for valid courses that are directly related to your degree.

Valid Courses Are:

Invalid Courses Are:

4. Graduate School of Management Students Financial aid to students in Accounting, Business Administration, Economics, and Human Resources is jointly administered by the Graduate School and the Graduate School of Management. GSM students are expected to follow the rules and guidelines in this document. Additional conditions may be placed on awards by the GSM. If that is the case you will be notified in writing in your award letter, or separately, by the GSM. Requests for waivers of any of the rules in this document must receive the approval of the GSM.

5. Privately-Funded (Named) Awards: If your award is funded by an individual philanthropist, foundation, organization, or endowment, you may be contacted by University Advancement and invited to participate in their Student Thank You Program. The program, which is optional, allows students to express their gratitude to the donors.

6. Registration: You must register no later than the last date of registration of the first semester of your award term or your award may be rescinded and offered to another student.

7. Term of Award: Awards are semester specific. Refer to your award letter for the amount of your scholarship for fall, spring, and summer terms. Unused scholarship money from one term does not automatically carry forward to another term. You must contact the Graduate School in writing to request the transfer of any of your scholarship money from one term to another. Award money cannot be transferred from one aid year to another. Aid years begin in the fall term and go through the following summer.

8. Thesis/Dissertation Credits: Scholarships will not pay for more than 6 thesis or 12 dissertation credits.

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