Official Transcripts

All transcripts are needed.

Applicants must list in their application and submit official transcripts for all colleges or universities that they have attended, whether or not they received a degree or transferred the credits.

Domestic transcripts (from colleges/universities in the United States)

Transcripts should be sent to the Marquette University Graduate School directly from your previous institution. Transcripts that pass through the applicant's hands will not be considered official, and neither will transcripts stamped "Issued to Student."

Previous last names

If your transcript was issued in a name that is different from the name that you used when you applied for graduate school, such as a maiden name, please let us know. You should include a written note that states the name under which your transcript will be issued.

Foreign transcripts

Transcripts that are issued in a language other than English must be accompanied by a certified English translation. Evaluations such as those from WES and ECE are not official transcripts. Translations must be accompanied by an official transcript issued by the academic institution.

Marquette alumni

Applicants who previously attended Marquette do not need to request Marquette transcripts but must provide transcripts from other institutions attended, if any.

Final transcripts

Applicants with in-progress course work must submit an official, final transcript verifying the grade(s) earned and official receipt of the applicant's degree, if any, if they are offered admission.

Have transcript issuing institutions send materials to either of the following addresses:

USPS Mailing Address

Marquette University Graduate School

Holthusen Hall, Third Floor

P.O. Box 1881

Milwaukee, WI 53201-1881

Courier/Street Address

Marquette University Graduate School

1324 W. Wisconsin Ave., Room 305

Milwaukee, WI 53233

Electronic transcripts

Some colleges/universities distribute official transcripts electronically. If an institution distributes transcripts in this manner, please have them send the transcript to An official paper transcript may also be required if we cannot verify the authenticity of the sender and/or the document.