Information for Newly Admitted Students


Congratulations on your admission to Marquette University!  We wish you every success in your graduate education and are happy to be a part of your educational goals.  To get you off to a smooth start it is vital that you read the information below.

You have been offered admission. What's next?

Please notify us of your decision to accept or decline your offer of admission.  You can do this by completing the online accept/decline form. A specific link was included in your admission letter. This is a very important step in the process and in order for you to be made eligible to register for classes and have access to other required forms that you must submit we need to know that you are coming.  If you have been awarded merit-based financial aid (generally in the form of a graduate assistantship) you will need to respond to that offer separately and in addition to accepting/declining your offer of admission.

After you accept your admission

Please give us 5 business days to process your acceptance.  This schedule may vary depending on the time of year and volume of work.  Our admissions staff works through notifications and questions in the order they are received.

Once your acceptance has been processed

1)  Log in to CheckMarq and complete the forms in the "Next Steps" section.  This will require that you use the username that was sent to you via email within a few days of submitting your application.  These forms include required information from the Marquette University Medical Clinic, as well as forms on demographic information.  It is to your advantage to get these forms submitted right away, as the Marquette University Medical Clinic will place a hold on your record that will prevent you from registering in future terms if this information is not submitted.  This is done in the interest of the health of everyone at Marquette, and we do not want to see students delayed in their ability to proceed through their programs.

2)  An adviser will be assigned to you by your department.  This assignment can vary greatly by department in both timing and who is assigned to you.  If you do not have an adviser assigned to you, you may contact your department to inquire as to who you should connect with regarding advisement.  Some programs even have advising days.

3)  Register for courses. This is done via CheckMarq, and some courses may require permission numbers. Contact the department offering the course to request a permission number if one is required.  A registration tutorial is available online for your convenience.

4)   Check your eMarq account (Marquette University email).  Your eMarq username and password are the exact same as your username and password for CheckMarq.  This is the email account the University will use to send official communication to you, so it is important that you check it regularly for messages now and throughout your time at Marquette.

5)  Complete new graduate student orientation.  If you are admitted to the fall term, then the Graduate School holds an on-campus event a few days before classes start.  If you are admitted to another term the recorded fall session is available on the New Graduate Student Orientation web site.

NOTE: International students must attend a mandatory new international student orientation that is coordinated by the Office of International Education. 

The faculty and staff of Marquette University look forward to your participation in graduate studies with us.  We are committed to helping you be successful in your academic career.  Congratulations again on your offer of admission, and best wishes for your future academic success!