Pre-enrollment Support Program: Clinical Laboratory Science

The Pre-enrollment Support Program is available for disadvantaged students enrolled in Marquette's clinical laboratory science degree program. In a summer program, students are exposed to activities that prepare them for their senior year, the professional phase of their academic careers.


To participate in PESP in clinical laboratory science, you must be:

  • a first-generation college student
  • financially disadvantaged, based on federal guidelines
  • a U.S. citizen or legal resident

How to apply

To apply for CSEP and PESP, download an application below. This application is for all programs: behavioral health, dental, physical therapy, clinical laboratory science, physician assistant studies and speech pathology. You must also send two completed appraisal form. At least one must come from science or math professors. Please mail everything together in one envelope.

Clinical Laboratory Science


For more information about Marquette's Health Careers Opportunity Program, please contact us at (414) 288-5505 or via email.

Para más información sobre el programa de verano en Marquette University, favor de contactarnos al 414-288-5505 o por correo electrónico.

Program Staff

Program Brochures

Behavioral Health Brochure
CSEP Undergraduate Brochure
PESP PostGraduate Brochure
SSEP High School Brochure