Student Hightlights: Graduate Students

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History Graduate students gather in the Eisenberg Room in Sensenbrenner Hall.



The faculty awarded the Prucha-Theoharis Outstanding Graduate Student Awards to Matthew Costello (PhD student) and Thomas Bouril (MA student).


Many of the 2016 graduates from our program have already taken professional positions or will enter PhD programs in the fall:


Patrick Bethel (MA), will be a PhD student at Marquette (Modern European/Irish).


Thomas Bouril (MA), will be a PhD student at Syracuse University (Africa).


Matthew Costello (PhD), accepted a job as Research Assistant Professor at the George Washington Papers Project at the University of Virginia. 


Matthew Douglas (PhD candidate, defending in August), accepted a job as a European and World History teacher at the Waterford School, Salt Lake City.


Tony Gentine (MA), will be a PhD student at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (Modern US).


Anthony Guidone (MA), will be a PhD student at George Mason University (Early US).


Aaron Hyams (PhD), accepted a position with Montana Trout Unlimited, doing research and policy analysis.


Ashley Meddaugh (MA) works for Advantage+ in Brookfield as an archivist.


Benjamin Nestor (MA), will be a PhD student at Marquette (Modern European/Germany)


Kelly Smale (MA), will teach and work on a Masters in Education at Loyola Marymount University as part of PLACE, a Catholic School Teaching and Service Corps.


Scholarship: A number of students delivered papers at professional conferences in 2015-2016, many with the help of grants from the history department’s Casper Fund and from the Graduate School.  They included:


Abigail Bernhardt (PhD), "Hooligans and Patriots: Nationalism, Identity, and the Beautiful Game in Northern Ireland," Ohio Valley History Conference, Eastern Kentucky University.


Patrick Bethel (MA), “Soviet Press Coverage of the Northern Irish Conflict, c. 1969-1973” Marquette-UWM Graduate Humanities Conference.


Alissa Condon (PhD), " "If He was a Genuine Irishman: Ex-Servicemen & National Identity, 1914-1930," American Conference on Irish Studies Annual Meeting, University of Notre Dame.


Matthew Costello (PhD), “The Property of the Nation:  Democracy and the Memory of George Washington, 1799-1865,” Fred W. Smith National Library, Mount Vernon.


Matthew Douglas (PhD), “Justifying Rebellion: The Camisard Revolt and the Narrative of Persecution” Great Lakes History Conference, Grand Valley State University.


Luke Frommelt (MA), "Challenging Republican Motherhood: The Mothers of the American Revolution and their Husbands," Northern Illinois University History Graduate Student Association Conference.


Eric Griffin (MA), "A Nation Without Citizen: A Comparison of Argentine Citizenship Policy in its Bases y Puntos de Partida and El Proceso" Marquette-UWM Graduate Humanities Conference.


Cory Haala (PhD), "Remembering and Rebuilding Farmer-Labor Gains in 1970s Minnesota" at the Great Lakes History Conference, Grand Valley State University, and “Mikhail Gorbachev’s Saint Paul Summit and the Construction of a New Midwestern Identity,” Midwestern History Conference, Grand Valley State University.


Aaron Hyams (PhD), “To Find Opportunity Where Otherwise there is None: Cannabis Farming and Bootlegging on the Flathead Reservation, 1909-1933,” NIU History Graduate Student Association Conference.


Benjamin Linzy (MA), “The Shame of Nations: International Responses to Genocide in the Wake of the 1948 Genocide Convention,” NIU History Graduate Student Association Conference.


Benjamin Linzy (MA), “Indigenous Eclipse: How indigenous victories shaped the British Empire, 1842-1885,” Southern Historical Association.


Michael Pulido (PhD), "The 1953 East German Uprising as the Modern Prototype: The Power of the Public Sphere in 1789, 1953, and 2015," Great Lakes History Conference, Grand Valley State University.


Many students participated in other professional activities:

Peter Borg (PhD) was a member of the planning committee for Elmbrook Church's annual mission festival the theme of Reconciliation.  He was co-author of a 30-day devotional, Reconcile: What Christ Has Done, What We Must Do and convener of a three-night seminar entitled "Exploring the Racial Divide."


Matthew Costello (PhD) was project lead on the John Augustine Washington Transcription Project, organizing a panel of historians responsible for the transcription of the journals relating to John Augustine Washington as part of the ongoing digitization and transcription projects for the Mount Vernon Historical Association.   Other students who worked on the project include Patrick Bethel, Matthew Douglas, and Anthony Guidone


Matthew Douglas (PhD) was an AP European History Exam Reader in June 2016, and was on the Conference Planning Committee for the Newberry Library Graduate Studies Conference.


Luke Frommelt (MA) worked as an intern at the Milwaukee County Historical Society.


Michael Pulido (PhD) was a volunteer for Generation After Oral History Project in Marquette University Special Collections (a series of interviews with Jewish immigrants living in Milwaukee wherein they describe their everyday lives in Europe before the Holocaust).


MU graduate students who attended the Wisconsin State Historical Society Local History and Historic Preservation Conference on October 9-10, 2015 included Patrick Bethel, Emily Dattilo, Luke Frommelt, and Margaret Nettesheim-Hoffman.


The organizing committee for the Marquette-UWM Graduate Humanities Conference included Patrick Bethel, Thomas Bouril, Matthew Douglas, Margaret Nettesheim Hoffmann, Ashley Meddaugh, and Michele Weber.










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