News from Current and Former Students

The Department honored the following students with our annual awards for outstanding scholarship:


Walter C. Boden Award for the outstanding graduating senior:
Armand Zappa

Jablonowski Award for Undergraduate Research:
Rebecca K. Bixler, for her paper on “The Tegarden Family and German Immigration into Colonial Pennsylvania”

Prucha-Theoharis Award for Outstanding Graduate Student:
PhD level: Maggie Nettesheim-Hoffmann
MA Level: Emily Dattilo

More than two dozen undergraduates were initiated into Phi Alpha Theta, the international history honor society, on April 19.

PAT students 2016-17

They were:

Griffin Anderson
Marie Baima
Peter Berg
Margaret Brenner
Cara Caputo
Jacquelyn Carpenter
Henry Cooper
John Eckert
Amy Elliot-Meisel
Nicolette Fanelli
Mary Folan
Alexis Ixchel Garcia
Heriberto Godina Jr.
Sean Hasso
Nicholas Harkness
Zachary Hatfield
Dima Jaber
Madelyn Labriola
Erin Llanes-Smith
Madeleine Mathias
Michael Odden
Eva Schons Rodrigues
Angela Scavone
Jasmine Sunderlage
Corazon Torion


Graduate Student News

Current PhD student Maggie Nettesheim-Hoffmann and PhD alumnus Jeffrey T. Ramsey co-authored For the Benefit of All: A Fifty-Year History of the Faye McBeath Foundation (Marquette University Press, 2016).


Michael Pulido successfully defended his dissertation late this spring. Its title is: “German Democratic Republic, Socialism, and the 1953 East German Uprising,” and his advisors were Julius Ruff and Peter Staudenmaier.

Abigail Bernhardt presented a pair of lectures on Queen Victoria and Victorian Britain for a Road Scholar program on Charles Dickens in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.


Peter Borg gave a paper on “’The Colored Problem’: Milwaukee’s White Urban Churches Respond to the Second Great Migration,” at the Conference on Faith and History at Regent College, Virginia Beach, VA, October 2016.

Emily Dattilo (MA) and Alex Smith (MA) are completing internships at the Chudnow Museum near MU's campus this summer. Emily is working on creating a tour of the museum for Alzheimer's patients and their caregivers.





Cory Haala received a $5000 Minnesota Historical Society Legacy Research Fellowship, for research in the Gale Family Library. Haala's project, "The Many DFLs in Rudy Perpich's Minnesota," focused on the widespread and varied grassroots within the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party in the 1980s, and themes in Midwestern liberalism during the Reagan Administration and beyond. It’s part of his dissertation on rural politics during the late twentieth century. Cory also received a $5000 grant to support his dissertation research from the National Society of Colonial Dames of America. This award is given to a graduate student at a Wisconsin university a college on a rotating basis. Cory also gave two papers, at the Midwestern History Conference and the Agricultural History Society Conference, both in Grand Rapids, MI.

Ben Nestor received a Fellowship for the 22nd annual HEF Summer Institute on the Holocaust and Jewish Civilization from the Holocaust Educational Foundation of Northwestern University. His fellowship provides free room and board during the two-week seminar. The program is designed to broaden and deepen the background of current and prospective Holocaust educators. About twenty-five fellowships are awarded each year. Ben also delivered several papers: “Leftist Ideology in Transition: Contemporary Issues and the Cold War," Working Class Studies Conference, Bloomington, IN, May 2017; “When Criminology Met Geography: European Borderlands and the Making of Modern Criminality,” Rutgers University Division of Global Affairs, Newark, NJ, April 2017; “The European Roots of American Criminology: Imagining Masculinity at the Limits of Geography," European Studies Conference, Omaha, NE, October 2016.

Maggie Nettesheim-Hoffmann received a Raynor Fellowship—the most prestigious research fellowship given by Marquette—for 2017-2018, when she will be writing her dissertation on the history of philanthropy in Milwaukee.

Steve Vickers received a $2500 MU Center for Transnational Justice Graduate Student Research Grant to support research on "Emotional Responses to Terror Campaigns in Ireland and Italy" under the mentorship of Dr. Timothy McMahon. He also published “Green Growing Pains: The Formation of the Green Party in Ireland, 1981-1992,” in Vēsture: Avoti un Cilvēki, XXVI Zinātniskie Lasījumi, Vēsture XX [History: Sources and People, 26th Scientific Readings, History XX], edited by Irēna Saleniece (Daugavpils, Latvia: Daugavpils University Press, 2017), 430-438, and delivered a paper: "A Message in Green: Election Literature and the Establishment of the Irish Green Party." Presentation at the Northern Illinois University History Graduate Student Association Conference, DeKalb, IL, November 4, 2016. He was awarded best paper by an MA student at the conference.


Four graduate students were awarded travel grants from the History Department's Casper Fund:

Brian Burns for “Contests of Masculinity: Notre Dame, the Model Program, and American Football.” He’ll be doing research at NCAA headquarters (Indianapolis), Michigan State University, and University of Michigan.

Bill Fliss for “I’m Mad as Hell and I’m Not Going to Take it Anymore: The Public Career of Virgil Blum, S.J.” He’ll be doing research at the Jesuit Archives—Central Province (St. Louis), Creighton University, Catholic University, and University of Chicago.

Lisa Lamson for “Sisters of Color, Children of Christ: The Oblate Sisters of Providence, Black Childhood, Antebellum Baltimore.” She’ll do research in the OSP archives and the Maryland State Archives, both in Baltimore.

Steven Vickers for "Enduring Emotional Scars: The Legacy of Political Violence in Ireland and Italy in the 1980s." He’ll be conducting research in the Istituto Romano per la Storia d'Italia dal Fascismo alla Resistenza and the Archivio Flamigni in Oriolo, Romana.


Graduate and Undergraduate Alumni News

Kevin Abing (PhD), director of the library at the Milwaukee County Historical Society, published A Crowded Hour: Milwaukee During the Great War, 1917-1918 (Arcadia, 2017).

Robert Borowik (BA) spent his first year after graduating as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant and U.S. Cultural Ambassador in Azerbaijan. You can read about his experiences in the post he wrote for the department blog here.

Marlo Buser (MA) will begin her PhD in the constitutional history of modern Central Europe, especially the Balkans, at Michigan State.


Matthew Costello (PhD) senior historian for the White House Historical Association, was profiled in on MU’s website You can follow Matt’s blog for the WHHA here.

Andrew Demshuk (MA) will publish Demolition on Karl Marx Square: Cultural Barbarism and the People's State in 1968 this fall. Andrew is Assistant Professor of History at American University.

James Dyckes (BA) received an MS degree in Sport Marketing \ Management from Indiana University and is currently an assistant vice president of Sports & Product Marketing with the AT&T Entertainment Group in Los Angeles. He’s responsible for the revenue and marketing of DIRECTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket as well as MLB, NBA, and NHL products and premium services. His son is currently a student at Marquette (the third generation in the family to attend MU).

Jodi Eastberg (PhD) was promoted to professor of history at Alverno College and named Director of the Center for Academic Excellence. She was also chosen by the Council of Independent Colleges (CIC) to participate in a special week-long seminar on Teaching European Art in Context. The seminar, “Landscape and Identity in Britain and the United States (1770–1914),” which will be held at the Yale Center for British Art in New Haven, Connecticut, July 24–28, 2017.













Brian Faltinson (MA) is the historian of the Wisconsin National Guard and is in charge of the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of Wisconsin's famed "Red Arrow" Division. You can follow his work on Facebook and read more about it on a blog he wrote for “Historians@Work”.


Erik Griffin (MA) will enter the PhD program at Miami University, where he will specialize in Modern Latin America, specifically Argentina.


Carl Holborn (MA), will continue his long standing legal practice. He also participated in the Camino di Santiago, the pilgrimage to Compostela in NW Spain.


Aaron Hyams (PhD) is a visiting assistant professor at Sam Houston State University, where he teaches courses on Native American and Southwestern History.

Chris Lese (BA), was awarded a Herb Kohl Teacher Fellowship for the state of Wisconsin. He teaches history at Marquette University High School.

Morgan Lieske (BA) received a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant Award for Ecuador in 2017-2018.


Ben Linzy (MA) will enter the Marquette PhD program in US history, specifically foreign relations with the Middle East and North Africa.


Francis MacDonnell (MA) is a professor of history at Southern Virginia University. After leaving Marquette in 1983, he received his PhD from Harvard University. He is the author of Insidious Foes: The Axis Fifth Column and the American Home Front (Oxford University Press, 1995).

John McCarthy (PhD), a professor of history at Robert Morris University, is director of an oral history project for veterans of the war in Iraz and Afghanistan.

Taylor McNeir (BA) received her MLIS from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and is Research and Instructional Services Librarian at Raynor Memorial Libraries, where she is responsible for collection development for English, Foreign Languages and Literature, and History.

Ashley Meddaugh (MA) lives in Salt Lake City. She is a Development Associate at Rowland Hall, a private school founded in 1867 by the Episcopal Church. She is also working in the school’s archives as it prepares for its 150th anniversary, digitizing old photos, literary magazines, playbills, student hand books, and has restored a time capsule from 1970 so it will survive until 2070.

Enaya Hammad Othman (PhD), now an assistant professor of Arabic in MU's Department of Foreign Languages, has published a book based on her dissertation: Negotiating Palestinian Womanhood: Encounters between Palestinian Women and American Missionaries, 1880s–1940s (Lexington Books, 2017).

Natalie Russell (BA) will be doing a year of service with Americorps at the Northwestern Settlement in Chicago! It's the only still-functioning settlement house in Chicago. Not coincidentally, Natalie wrote her senior thesis on the Milwaukee Settlement House.

Heather M. Stur (BA, MA), Associate Professor and General Buford Blount Professor of Military History at the University of Southern Mississippi, is co-editor of Integrating the U.S. Military: Race, Gender, and Sexuality Since World War II (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2017).







Cameron Verbeke (BA) will be attending Chicago-Kent College of Law this fall.


Daryl Webb (PhD), an associate professor at Cardinal Stritch University, published “Make Yourself a Nuisance:” The Battle Over Student Culture in Great Depression Milwaukee,” Red Feather Journal:​ an International Journal of Children in Popular Culture 8 (Spring 2017).

Shihan Zheng, our first MA graduate from China, is heading to UConn for a PhD in imperial Chinese history.








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