Jennifer Finn is an assistant professor of history at Marquette University. With Ph.D's from The University of Michigan (2012) and The University of Munich (2015), she specializes in Ancient History, especially issues related to kingship, warfare, and cultural interaction. At present she is finishing her monograph, Much Ado about Marduk: Questioning Discourses of Royalty in First Millennium Mesopotamian Literature, for publication with de Gruyter. Previous publications have focused on evidence for productive cultural interaction between Greece and the Near East; future projects will continue that work, with special attention to the campaigns of Alexander the Great, landmark battles of the Ancient World, and historical revisionism. As a fellow at The Institute for the Humanities (The University of Michigan) and the Distant Worlds Program (University of Munich), and as a participant in the Advanced Seminar in the Humanities (Venice International University), she enjoys participating in interdisciplinary projects and facilitating dialogues between university departments.

At Marquette, she teaches surveys of Western Civilization, the Greco-Roman World, Ancient Warfare, and Sport and Social History. Dr. Finn welcomes inquiries from those students interested in the pre-Modern world, structures of authority, cultural interaction, revisionist history, warfare, and the history of sports.


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