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Peter Staudenmaier is Associate Professor of History, with a focus on modern Europe. He joined the Marquette faculty in 2011 after receiving his PhD from Cornell in 2010. His work centers on Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, environmental history, and the history of racial thought. He is the author of Between Occultism and Nazism: Anthroposophy and the Politics of Race in the Fascist Era (Leiden: Brill, 2014) and articles on topics ranging from antisemitism to esotericism. He received the Way-Klingler Young Scholar Award in 2014.

Dr. Staudenmaier’s current research project, “The Politics of Blood and Soil: Environmental Ideals in Nazi Germany,” examines the controversial history of ecological tendencies under the Nazi regime. It is a detailed archival study centered on three case studies: the emergence of early alternative agricultural movements in the Third Reich; the role of Nazi “advocates for the landscape” in environmental planning; and the ecological components of Nazi policy in conquered territories in Eastern Europe during World War II. Dr. Staudenmaier will be on sabbatical for the 2017 – 2018 academic year to complete the book manuscript.

In addition to his primary research, Dr. Staudenmaier is working on a series of articles about antisemitic intellectuals in Fascist Italy and the history of the Holocaust. He is also pursuing a longer-term research project under the title “Inventing Race: A History of Racial Thought from the Enlightenment to the Genomic Age.”

Dr. Staudenmaier’s courses include:

The World and the West: Environment, Race, Empire

Nazi Germany and the Holocaust

Modern Germany 1870 to the Present

Environmental History: Ecology and Society in the Modern World

Europe in the Twentieth Century

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