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The history department continued to enhance its web presence during 2011. In January we launched a blog called Historians@work under the editorship of Michael Wert. During the next several months nine different faculty members posted seventeen different articles on topics ranging from politics in Egypt and Nigeria to accounts of a research trip to Samoa and a Fulbright semester in China to reflections on time traveling at history conferences and on a long-lost, 300-year-old Mexican document. The blog has received nearly 4,000 hits and, after a brief summer hiatus, will continue in the fall with more pieces on the many kinds of journeys taken by historians.

The department website got a new look in January, after Dan Meissner and Jim Marten created new content and administrative assistant Jolene Kreisler reorganized the department website to make it easier to use and to help students find out more not only about majoring in history but about possible careers after college. This included the creation of a new section linked from the landing page: “What Can You Do With Your History Major?”. The number of hits on the website during the spring semester was 21,563, an increase of 8.1 percent over the same period in 2011.

Facebook continued to be an excellent way to connect with students, the community, and especially alumni. Interestingly, although about a third of the just-over 300 people who “like” the page live in or near Milwaukee, a number of them also live in Virginia, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Florida, and the District of Columbia. We also have individuals following our page from Turkey, Azerbaijan, Ireland, Mexico, Morocco, Spain, France, Egypt, Italy, Columbia, and Hong Kong! “Like” us by going to the department’s Facebook page.

Finally, the History Student Graduate Organization established its own website, with information about graduate study, fellowships, responsibilities of graduate students, and a directory of current students.




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