News from current undergraduate and graduate students (including 2014 grads):

History Graduate Students

History Graduate Students, 2013-2014


John Callebert (MA) is working as a residence hall director in Massachusetts for EXPLO, a summer educational program for youngsters.

Matt Costello, a PhD candidate working with Kristen Foster, received grants from the United States Capitol Historical Society and the Virginia Historical Society to conduct research on his dissertation, “Bones, Blood, and Soil: Reliquary, Pilgrimage, and the Memory of George Washington, 1799-1865.” Matt will teach his own sections of Introduction to American History this fall as a Teaching Fellow.

Elena Fransen received a Women’s and Gender Studies undergraduate summer research fellowships for her proposal to study gender-based sexual violence in Cape Town, South Africa.

Caroline Galluzzi has accepted a position as an analyst at JPMorgan Chase.

Robert (Jake) Jumbeck received a scholarship to attend law school at Emory University.

Cicely Hunter will pursue an MA in history at Saint Louis University.

Margaret (Maggie) McClain will pursue an MA at Loyola-Chicago.

Anna Alioto will study Biological Anthropology at Western Michigan University.

Alyssa Klubeck (MA) will work toward an MFA at the Savannah College of Art and Design.

Chris Lyon (MA) will teach at the Founder's Academy in Austin, TX.

Taylor McNeir will seek a master’s in information sciences at the University of Wisconsin.

Maggie Nettesheim-Hoffman (MA) is researching the history of the Faye McBeath Foundation, a local philanthropic organization, this summer.

Conor Read will volunteer with City Year in 2014-2015.

PhD candidate Olga Shchennikova has been conducting research in Russia during the last year, but will be a Teaching Fellow in 2014-2015, teaching two sections of Western Civilization II during the spring semester.

David Schenk’s "Freedmen with Firearms: White Terrorism and Black Disarmament During Reconstruction" (MS #1027) has been published in The Gettysburg College Journal of the Civil War Era, an online journal ( He will begin his MA in history at Marquette in the fall.

Hannah Werner (MA) will seek a PhD in British history and gender studies at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champagne.









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