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The Midwest Region of the American Conference for Irish Studies will be holding its 2012 meeting in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on the campus of Marquette University from October 18-20, 2012.  With its theme of “Emancipation: Ireland and the World,” the conference hopes to encourage us to think about the concepts of freedom and citizenship as expressed by the Irish at home and around the world.  With its clear links to the long struggle for Catholic rights that culminated in 1829, emancipation raises questions about the part played by the Irish and Irish-Americans in the abolitionist and pro-slavery camps in the USA, as well as in the fight for women’s rights and for the freedom of colonized peoples in all parts of the British Empire.  It could also focus on the struggles between economic, cultural, and political interconnectedness on the one hand and national sovereignty on the other, which are at the heart of contemporary debate.  Lastly, emancipation spotlights the role of creative Irish men and women in stretching academic inquiry and artistic expression beyond the constraints of their society and disciplines.    

Our program will include keynote addresses from Dr. Michael Patrick Gillespie, Professor of English and Director of the Center for the Humanities in an Urban Environment at Florida International University, and Dr. James S. Donnelly, Jr., Professor Emeritus at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  

Conference information

We anticipate that this site will be updated further as the conference program gets finalized.

If you should have questions about the Midwest Regional, please contact Dr. Tim McMahon, Associate Professor of History at Marquette University by phone (414) 288-3559 or email.





2012 Regional Meeting American Conference for Irish Studies contact information

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