Marquette's M.A. and Ph.D. programs in History are especially designed to prepare new teacher-scholars for the demanding academic world of the twenty-first century and to train historians for professional careers. Graduate degrees from Marquette offer:

With about forty graduate students and nearly twenty faculty members, every student has the opportunity to work closely with faculty members in their fields. Most graduate classes enroll between eight and twelve students.

The History Department offers M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in early modern and modern European History and in United States history, as well as M.A. degrees in Medieval History and in Global Studies. Ph.D. students may take minor fields in Asian, African, and Latin American history.

Financial Aid, Research Support and teaching experience

The department offers fourteen teaching assistantships and five research assistantships to incoming and continuing students. Senior Ph.D. students are eligible for full-year research fellowships awarded by the graduate school (history students typically receive 3-4 each year). Most Ph.D. students receive five years of financial aid, ranging from teaching or research assistantships to teaching fellowships to research fellowships. Ph.D. studentsí classroom training is topped off by teaching an undergraduate seminar in their research field. Many students also receive crucial teaching experience as instructors at area colleges, including Alverno, Carroll, Cardinal Stritch, UW-Parkside, and UW-Milwaukee.

Job Placement

Since 1969, nearly three-fourths of our Ph.D. graduates have obtained tenure-track positions in colleges and universities. A number of others have become government historians, grant writers, archivists, foundation administrators, or public historians.

Our M.A. students go on to attend law school, teach in public and private high schools, and receive Ph.D.s. Some of the Ph.D. programs into which they have been accepted in recent years are: University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Illinois, University of North Carolina, University of Notre Dame, Georgetown University, Boston College, and the University of Minnesota.


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