Research Support for Department Faculty

Laura Matthew will use her Summer Faculty Fellowship (SFF) and Regular Research Grant (RRG) to travel to Guatemala and Mexico for archival research on trade and migration patterns of indigenous people along the Pacific coast of Mexico, Guatemala, and El Salvador in the 15th and 16th centuries. Did war and disease on a massive scale created new economic opportunities for those Mesoamericans who survived? In addition, Dr. Matthew will be collaborating with Sergio Romero of Vanderbilt University, studying the historical evolution of the Pipil language in colonial Guatemala.

An SFF and RRG will help Michael Donoghue examine the conflicts and intersections of race, identity, and gender that occurred between U.S. military personnel and the Cuban people from the outbreak of Second World War until the 1959 collapse of the pro-U.S. Batista regime. His study will show how these interactions contributed to the anti-American atmosphere of the 1953-1959 Cuban Revolution.

Tim McMahon was awarded a SFF to visit archives in Dublin, Belfast and Cork for a project titled "Eire Imperator: Irish Actors on an Imperial Stage." Studying how the Irish at home viewed the careers of colonial office, military, and business officials in the nineteenth-century British Empire, McMahon hopes to better understand Ireland's position within the United Kingdom. This research is  part of his ongoing larger project Eire Imperator: Ireland's Imperial Ambivalence. McMahon will be based in Dublin at Boston College Ireland, where he has been named the 2011 Rev. William B. Neenan, S.J., Visiting Fellow in Irish Studies.








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