Recent Ph.D.s

Two students have completed their Ph.D.s in history since last spring.

Julie Tatlock completed a dissertation on “Gender and the Courts in London, 1815-1834,” under the direction of Carla Hay. Julie has been teaching at Mount Mary College in Milwaukee.

Aaron Stockham completed his dissertation on “Lack of Oversight: The Relationship Between the FBI and the United States Congress, 1907-1975” under the direction of Athan Theoharis. Aaron is on the faculty at Waterford School in Salt Lake City.

In addition, although her Ph.D. is officially an interdisciplinary degree, Brigitte Charaus spent much of her time in the history department. She completed her dissertation, “What Lies Beneath: Uncovering the Health of Milwaukee’s People, 1880-1929,” under the direction of Tom Jablonsky. Brigitte teaches at Santa Clara University. She and her husband Eugene were joined by a son, Misha, early in the spring.




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