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In this illustration from the 1920 Marquette Hilltop, a student plots his future by studying the possibilities the world offers a Marquette graduate. The building in the background is Johnston Hall, which at time housed not only the College of Business, but also Arts and Sciences, journalism, a number of science labs, and the library. Digitized versions of the Hilltop can be browsed.

What can you do with your history major: Business

How can a History degree relate to Business? Combining history with a business degree provides a solid foundation for graduate work in business or economic history – popular and expanding fields in U.S., European and Global studies. For the student interested in a business career, the relevancy of a history degree can be summed up in one word: globalization! In this increasingly interdependent world of production centers, service industries, and distribution markets, the business man or woman with a firm understanding of regional histories and cultural sensitivities will have an edge on the competition. Success in business will depend not only on knowing how to run a company, but also how to relate to a global manufacturing and marketing clientele. The future is already here and it depends in large part on knowing the past.

It can be said that the human being has changed very little during the known course of history. The statements by Plato, Aristotle, or Seneca about the human being, his/her behaviour and conduct, are as accurate today as they were in ancient times. We gain, therefore, valuable insight when we interpret current developments and the future in light of historical analogies.

- Business Professor and CEO, Hermann Simon

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