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Marquette has a long history of training teachers. Indeed, Jesuits took an active role not only in establishing colleges and universities, but also high schools and missions to Native Americans. This cover from the September 1951 issue of The Indian Sentinel: The Magazine of the Indian Missions features a photograph called "The School Bell," a reminder of the centrality of education to the mission of Marquette and other Jesuit schools. Full issues of The Indian Sentinel can be read on the website of the Raynor Memorial Libraries' Catholic Native America Collections.

What can you do with your history major: Education

A History degree fashions the master key that unlocks the door to nearly every discipline from philosophy and politics to sociology and economics. It trains students to seek the truth by asking questions, exploring alternatives, and evaluating conclusions. It challenges students to create an increasingly more complex and sophisticated understanding of historical events so they can address such inquiries as: What conditions gave rise to the philosophies of Socrates and Confucius? How did medieval Arab seafarers create a global economy? Why did Aztec silver revolutionize European politics? How did the concept of “race” develop? Can capitalism survive without democracy? What are the roots of Middle East tensions? History majors develop the written, oral and cognitive skills necessary to confidently engage such diverse questions based on a firm foundation of historical knowledge, analytical ability and cultural sensitivity.

“The value of history is, indeed, not scientific but moral: by liberalizing the mind, by deepening the sympathies, by fortifying the will, it enables us to control, not society, but ourselves – a much more important thing; it prepares us to live more humanely in the present and to meet rather than to foretell the future.”

- Carl Becker, Historian

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