HOnors in the disciplines

Disciplinary Honors Programs, in which students do Honors work in their majors, are administered by departments, programs, or colleges for their undergraduate majors. Students are admitted to a Disciplinary Honors Program by the department, program, or college administering the Program according to the Program’s rules and requirements. Admitted students are not required to be pursuing or to have completed Core Honors. All Disciplinary Honors Programs require at least 6 credits of coursework and completion of a disciplinarily appropriate project (thesis; creative, research, or professional project) which may be completed as part of the 6 credits of coursework. Students with multiple majors who are admitted to multiple Disciplinary Honors Programs may double-count no more than 3 credits toward more than one Disciplinary Honors Program. Core Honors students who complete a Disciplinary Honors Program earn Comprehensive Honors.*

The College of Nursing, the Department of Biomedical Sciences in the College of Health Sciences, and the Departments of Psychology, Biology, and the combined Humanities departments (English, History, Languages, Philosophy, and Theology) in the College of Arts and Sciences each offer Disciplinary Honors Programs for their majors. More information about Honors in the Humanities can be found here. If your unit would like more information about developing an Honors in the Disciplines program for majors, see the Requirements and Guidelines for Disciplinary Honors Programs and consult the Director.

If you are a student wishing to learn more about Honors in the Disciplines, please visit the Undergraduate Bulletin pages at the links above and consult the relevant department and the UHP Director. If you are a member of a department or unit interested in developing an Honors in the Disciplines program, please contact the UHP Director.

*Core Honors students wishing to earn Comprehensive Honors whose major departments do not offer Disciplinary Honors programs have the option to complete an Honors major project; please consult the UHP Director.

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