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University Honors Program academic progress review policy

Enrollment in the University Honors Program is contingent upon students’ completing the required courses in the Honors curriculum and maintaining a cumulative grade point average of 3.2 or above. Refer to the Academic Progress Progress Policy

Registration Resources

For enrollment in a closed course:
Urgent Request Form (Sophomore, Junior, Senior)


If you are an Honors A&S student who has not yet declared a major, you must see Amelia or Maria for advising, at which point we’ll give you the advising card you need to open your account for registration. If you’re an Honors student in any College besides A&S and/or you’ve already declared a major, we in Honors are your secondary advisor, and you have a primary advisor elsewhere. We are happy to talk with you at any time, but it’s not required that you see us.

Advising for fall 2014 classes starts March 17, 2014. Registration begins the week of March 24, 2014.

University Honors Program Advising and Open House
We will host advising in our new suite of offices in Sensenbrenner Hall on both Wednesday, March 19 and Tuesday, March 25, from 2 – 5 pm.   Refreshments will be served.  For additional advising appointments are available by email or phone; or drop-in advising is available Monday through Friday, between 8 am and 4:30 pm. 

Very important note for all sophomore to senior Honors students: Because of changes in the core Honors curriculum, after this academic year we will discontinue independent Honors sections of English 1301 and 1302, Philosophy 1001 and 2301, History 1001 and 1002, and Theology 1001 (the second-level Theology Honors courses will not be affected). If you have not taken these Honors courses yet, please make an appointment with Amelia or Maria.

Advising Procedures:

--For all Honors advising, please come to advising appointments prepared with a list of classes you are thinking of taking in the fall.

--Before your appointment, make sure to consult Marquette’s online Undergraduate Bulletin to reinforce your familiarity with course requirements in your college, program, and proposed major: http://bulletin.marquette.edu/undergrad/

--The Honors Program curriculum is available on the Honors website (http://www.marquette.edu/honors/programs_honorscurr.shtml), as is the list of all this year’s Honors seminars: http://www.marquette.edu/honors/Seminars.shtml

--Also, remember to consult the Marquette Snapshot for class availability and times: http://www.marquette.edu/mucentral/registrar/snapshot/fall14/index.shtml

--Note that Honors has its own page on the Snapshot: http://www.marquette.edu/mucentral/registrar/snapshot/fall14/byhonors.shtml
Honors sections, as you know, begin with 9 – ex. Theology 1001, Section 901).

Registration Reminders:

Please review the following reminders about the Honors Program Curriculum before you plan your schedule.

§ --For sophomores, juniors, and seniors: A score of 4 or 5 in ANY History AP exam exempts you from one of your Honors History Foundation courses. You are still required to take one of the History Foundation courses, even if you have 2 AP History scores of 4 or 5. Note:  The Honors classes entering 2013 and after are required to take only one History course, Honors History 100x, now being developed by the History Department.  Students will take this course in their sophomore year.  This course is required; it cannot be substituted for with AP or IB credit.
§ --English 1301 and 1302: Honors English: All Honors first-year students, regardless of AP or IB credit, take Honors English 1301 and 1302.
Classes entering 2012 and before:  Honors students who complete ENGL 1301 and ENGL 1302 with a grade of B or better will have satisfied the UCCS Rhetoric distribution requirement (ENGL 1001 and ENGL 1002), if they have not already satisfied part or all of that requirement with AP credits. Students who complete either ENGL 1301 or ENGL 1302 with a passing grade will also have satisfied the UCCS Literature and Performing Arts (LPA) distribution requirement. Classes entering 2013 and after:  For Honors students who enter Marquette with AP or IB credit for English 1001 (a 4 on any English AP) OR English 1001 and English 1002 (a 5 on any English AP), English 1301 and 1302 will satisfy all 6 credits of the UCCS Rhetoric requirement PLUS the UCCS LPA requirement.
§ -- For Honors students who enter Marquette with no AP or IB credit for English 1001 or English 1002, English 1301 and 1302 will satisfy only the 6 credits of the UCCS Rhetoric requirement. These students will still need to take a non-Honors UCCS LPA course.
§ --For your Honors junior seminar, you may take either a HOPR 3953, a HOPR 4953 (but if you count this as your junior seminar, you must take another HOPR 4953 for your senior seminar), or any departmental or College seminar. To count for the requirement, a course must be considered a seminar by the department or College (usually, but not always, indicated by a 3953 or 4953 course number), graded (not pass/fail), and 3 credits.
§ --Don’t forget to consider HOPR 3955, the Honors Research Seminar, offered in spring 2014. Students in this seminar will receive $2500 for summer research with a faculty member if they progress during the seminar to a viable research proposal. STEM students especially, bear in mind that this money can be combined with other support for summer work in STEM labs!
§ --All Honors A&S students taking a HOPR 3953 or 4953 taught by a Philosophy professor may count that course as a third philosophy for the A&S core curriculum, and similarly a HOPR 3953 or 4953 taught by a Theology professor may be counted as a third Theology for the A&S core.


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