The mission of the University Honors Program is to provide an education rooted in a classical humanities curriculum, particularly as it is shaped by the Jesuit ideals of rigorous academic inquiry, a habit of reflection on knowledge and experience and, growing from these, a desire to bring about justice in the world.

The Curriculum

The honors curriculum is designed for a diverse body of motivated students who are especially well prepared for and impassioned by learning processes that are characterized by intense intellectual engagement. The curriculum strives to enhance a student’s regular University curriculum by enriching its core components, facilitating recognition of the essential relatedness of the core components to each other and to the student’s intellectual discipline, and encouraging application of the core components to the student’s visions, decisions and actions in the world.

Goal of the Program

The primary goal of the Honors Program is to offer students a transformative learning experience that provides more than a knowledge base and set of skills that can influence their interactions with the world; rather, the Honors curriculum is deliberately designed to foster a way of seeing, thinking, valuing and behaving that necessarily influences a student’s interactions because it has become an authentic and intrinsic element of his or her identity and humanity.

Transformational Learning

The Honors Program cultivates such transformational learning by creating academic situations that:

(a) bring students in closer contact with their teachers and peers

(b) engage topics and issues in greater depth, subtlety, and complexity than is possible in larger non-honors courses that necessarily must serve a wider range of learning levels

(c) place more of the impetus for learning on the individual student themselves, and

(d) allow for a more individualized realization of educational objectives.


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