Welcome to the IMC's Help Page. Listed below are some of the latest issues and pit falls we have found in the creation of media for use on the www and in D2L. To learn more about creating media for your course, check out our HOW TO PAGE.

Most issues stem from the fact that there is no even "Playing Field" in the computers and software used across campus. People are running Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and various flavors of MAC OS. All of these operating systems have subtle differences, and a feature or procedure in one may change or not even be present in another. Many of our clients use Windows PowerPoint, but there are currently four versions of PowerPoint in use, and that causes even more confusion. You WILL run into some problem with media on the www at some point… please feel free to give us a call at IMC.
Q. Why can't my student listen to PowerPoint narration on their MAC?

A. PowerPoint 2010 for Windows, allows you to "Compress" the show at the last moment to reduce the file size 6 to 8 times (PowerPoint for MAC does NOT have this feature). This is a very good thing, as a smaller file size to upload to D2L goes faster, and the download to students from D2L will happen faster too. However PowerPoint in Microsoft Office 2010 for Windows, compresses the audio to a Microsoft audio file type (.wma). A MAC computer with Apple QuickTime cannot play WMA files, so a student using a MAC cannot play back or hear the audio. The work around is to have the MAC users download and install the "Flip4Mac Player" ($5.95). This will allow a MAC to play all the "Proprietary" Windows media file formats.
Q. Why won't the Apple "Streaming" media files we created for the course not play on Apple iOS Devices?

A. Silly as it seams, Apple Streaming media files (.mov) on the University QuickTime Streaming Server (That we use extensively for support of video clips in D2L) will not play back on an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad (iOS Devices). This is a known issue by Apple, and many Universities and companies worldwide that have been using Apple QuickTime Streaming Services for years are complaining. We have a partial workaround at this point, but are waiting a final "fix" from Apple.

Q. After recording a narration in PowerPoint, everything works fine until I hit save! Where did my audio go??

If you have an old powerpoint show, with the extension of .ppt and you open that in either PowerPoint 2011 or 2013 you will be able to record and play back a narration.  If you hit save, PowerPoint 2011 and 2013 will delete all of the audio!  PowerPoint will leave you the timings, and the speaker icon on each slide… but the AUDIO IS GONE AND YOU WILL HAVE TO RECORD IT AGAIN!!

This is very frustrating, but luckily, the work around is quite simple.  When you open an older .ppt file, your first step must be to save it as .pptx file.  Then you can record, playback and save the file with no issues.