Learn about the program

What is the Program Incubator?

The purpose of the incubator is to encourage, support and incentivize the rapid revitalization and creation of graduate programs that meet student and market needs.

The Program Incubator is designed to:

  • Diversify and expand the university’s portfolio of high-demand revenue-generating graduate programs, especially interdisciplinary programs.
  • Provide an incentive for curricular experimentation.
  • Renew or re-invigorate existing master’s programs, ripe for innovation and expansion that would benefit from incorporating new delivery methods, new structural components and/or additional resources.
  • Identify new and emerging markets for graduate programming.

Why incubate?

The benefits of developing or revitalizing a program through the Program Incubator include:

Proposal development assistance – including coordination between internal and external offices and stakeholders, guidance in development proposal components, consultation on innovative program design, administrative assistance.

Access to start-up funds – a loan from the Provost’s Fund finances initial program costs until tuition revenue covers expenses.

Participation in revenue sharing – following the repayment of the loan from the Provost’s Fund, colleges/departments receive a portion of program operating surplus.