The Explorer Challenge

The Explorer Challenge, formerly the Strategic Innovation Fund, invites Marquette students, faculty, and staff to submit proposals for up to $25,000 in seed money for innovative projects that make an impact and advance Beyond Boundaries, Marquette's Strategic Plan. 

The Explorer Challenge funds may be used for a wide variety of projects including: developing new interdisciplinary research clusters, building community and industry partnerships, funding ideas that will help the university operate more effectively or efficiently, or other potentially high impact ideas that require seed funds to test concept or build momentum. Innovation can include adaptation of existing strategies to support Marquette in new ways as well as development of brand new ideas. Projects that are interdisciplinary and which have the potential for community partnership or impact are encouraged.

Faculty research ideas that could normally be supported by other mechanisms, such as the Summer Faculty Fellowship, Regular Research Grants, or Way Klingler Research Awards, will typically not be competitive for funding through the Explorer Challenge. Academic program development may be eligible but the Provost’s Program Incubator may be a more appropriate source for some of these ideas. Students looking to launch entrepreneurial ventures should also explore the resources of the 707 Hub for other funding and support opportunities.

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