This e-mail Policy is intended to help faculty, staff, and students understand when accounts are created and determine what information sent or received by email should be retained and for how long.

The information covered in these guidelines includes, but is not limited to, information that is either stored or shared via electronic mail or instant messaging technologies.

All Faculty, Staff, and Students should familiarize themselves with this eMail policy.

Questions about the proper retention of a specific piece of information should be addressed to your manager. Questions about these guidelines should be addressed to the eMail Administrator or IT Services Security Officer.

This email policy is secondary to Marquette University policy on Freedom of Information and Business Record Keeping. Any email that contains information in the scope of the Business Record Keeping policy should be treated in that manner.

With the implementation of CheckMarq IT Services have put in place automatic processes for both activation and deactivation of CheckMarq and eMarq accounts. Student and Faculty/Staff processes are described below.

Activation - Student accounts are created when they are entered into PeopleSoft with an admit status of "applied" or higher. A weekly process runs to generate accounts; these accounts are available for use the day after they are created. Students are notified of their eMarq address and account username and password by letter.

Deactivation - Student accounts (CheckMarq and eMarq) will remain active for one full term following the last active enrollment for any term (not including Summer). For example, students whose last active enrollment is a spring or summer term will have their email account deactivated and mailbox deleted in January of the following year. Students whose last active term is a fall term, will have their email account deactivated and mailbox deleted in September of the following year. The exact time for deactivation will be tied to the close of drop/add for the spring or fall term, after which enrollment closes for the primary term session. Applicants who do not attend Marquette University will have their accounts deactivated immediately when flagged as "Cancelled", "Withdrawn", or "Denied" within PeopleSoft.

Activation - Faculty/staff accounts are created when new employees are entered into the HR/Payroll system. See more information about faculty and staff accessing email for the first time.

Deactivation - When an employee is terminated in the Human Resources system, that employee's user account in the identity management system and all associated systems will become inactive the next day.

The account will remain inactive for 30 days. Thirty days from the termination date the account, e-mail box, and user files on the file server will be deleted.

Encrypted Communications
Marquette University encrypted communications should be stored in a manner consistent with Marquette University's Information Sensitivity Policy (restricted to campus), but in general, information should be stored in a decrypted format.


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