1. Open Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Click the down arrow on New > Meeting Request.

  3. The Meeting window below will open up. Enter the names of people you want to invite to the meeting in the To… text box.

  4. Give the meeting a title in the Subject: text box.
  5. Reserve the room you require for the meeting in the Location: text box. To find a room click on Rooms… and enter the first few letters of the room name. Select the room you want to reserve.
  6. Click on the Scheduling Assistant if you want to check whether attendees and the room are available at this time. You can see by the color coding at the bottom of the window whether attendees and rooms are busy. The amount of information you can view about an appointment will vary.

    If attendees or the room are not available, as shown above, change the time of the meeting by modifying the start and end time. Check availability again.
  7. Click on Recurrence to make a meeting recurring. Specify details about the appointment in the Appointment Recurrence window.
  8. Click the Reminder down arrow and select the time of your choice or remove a meeting reminder.

  9. Click Send to reserve the room and send the invitation to attendees.
  10. If you receive an invitation to a meeting, open the meeting notification and you can accept, tentatively accept, decline, or propose a new time. If you propose a new time, the meeting organizer can accept or decline your proposal.


Please contact the IT Services Help Desk at (414) 288-7799 with further questions.


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