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Three New Features in Excel 2013

1. Quick Analysis

Quick Analysis formatting lets you convert your data into a chart or table with formatting in two steps or less.

Click the quick analysis button bottom right of selected data.

2. Flash Fill

Flash Fill fills down or across a pattern it recognizes in your data. In this way you can split or join columns of data.

  • Click on the first cell where you want to fill the pattern, as shown in the example below:

An example of data in Excel where Flash Fill will be used to fill a pattern.

  • Click Flash Fill on the Edit group on the Home tab:

Click Flash Fill on the Edit group on the Home tab.

  • Flash Fill enters data based on the pattern it recognizes, and you can click the Flash Fill icon for options, as shown in the example below:

Click the Flash Fill icon for options.

3. Chart Elements

Select a chart and click the Chart Elements button on the top right corner to select elements that can add more value to the chart such as Data Table, Error Bars, Timeline, Titles and more.

Use the Chart elements button top right corner of a highlighted chart to modify the chart.

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