Jabra GN2000 Headset

Jabra Headset

Jabra GN2000 Headset Phone Features

Jabra GN 2000 FAQ, product information and product documentation

Jabra GN9350e wireless headset and base

Jabra GN9350e wireless headset



Jabra GN9350e Wireless Headset Features

1. Microphone
2. Boom arm
3. Link indicator
4. Volume control with mute switch
5. Talk button
6. Headset charge facility
7. Clear dial tone switch
8. LCD display
    9. Telephone cord port
10. Handset port
11. A/C power adapter port
12. USB port
13. Online indicator port (OLI)
14. AUX port
15. Pairing button
16. LCD display control

Jabra Go 6430 Bluetooth Headset

Jabra GN9350e wireless headset


Jabra Go 6430 Bluetooth Features

1. Multifunction button
(answer/end call, among other functions)

2. Touch panel for volume (by sliding finger) and mute control (by double-tapping)

3. Dual Noise Blackout microphone

    4. Activity and status indicator

5. Earbud (with speaker)

6. Mount for ear-hook wearing-style attachmentm

7. Recharge and data interface


Jabra Go 6430 FAQ, product information and product documentation

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