Marquette Joins Eduroam

Marquette University is a member of Eduroam, a secure, federated network service linking more than 5,500 locations worldwide. Eduroam — short for "education roaming" — allows Marquette students, faculty and staff to use their Marquette credentials to access wireless network hotspots while visiting other Eduroam-affiliated institutions. Eduroam also provides wireless access at Marquette's campus for visitors from participating institutions without the need to obtain guest credentials.

Who is Part of Eduroam?

Participating institutions include several U.S. Jesuit schools and many local universities such as the University of Wisconsin system schools. Before travelling, check to see if the campus you are visiting is an Eduroam member.

How Do I Use Eduroam While Away from Marquette?

Logging on while at a participating institution is often as easy as opening your wireless connections, choosing the Eduroam network by name, and then entering your Marquette email address and password.

Can I Test Eduroam at Marquette Before I Leave?

Marquette users can test the Eduroam connection on Marquette's campus before traveling to verify that all settings are correct.

  1. While on the Marquette campus and near a wireless hotspot, open your wireless connections and select the Eduroam network name.
  2. You are prompted for a username and password. Enter your Marquette email address (e.g., and password. Please note that you must enter your full email address, including
  3. If this is your first time connecting, you will be prompted to accept or download the Eduroam certificate. This is a self-signed certificate used to ensure you're connecting to the correct network. Once the certificate is accepted, you will be authenticated using your credentials.
  4. If successfully authenticated, you will be placed on the Eduroam wireless network. This network is limited to web browsing (i.e., you will not have access to student, faculty or staff resources).
  5. Once you have successfully connected to Eduroam, be sure to switch back to your standard Marquette wireless setup.

    Marquette University users should not use Eduroam regularly on Marquette's campus network.

Getting Help with Eduroam

Marquette students, faculty and staff: If you have questions about Eduroam, contact the IT Services Help Desk at (414) 288-7799 or

Students, faculty and staff visiting from other colleges should contact their own institutions for assistance connecting to Eduroam while at Marquette.


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