The Classics faculty at Marquette offers two majors: Classical Languages and Classical Studies. In the Classical Languages major, students learn to read, translate, and interpret Latin and Ancient Greek texts through a close reading of the principal authors. Our graduates are well-rounded Classicists, who also possess a keen appreciation of the English language and its Classical roots. They are well prepared for graduate and professional work in such fields as Classics, Theology, Philosophy, Law, Journalism, Public Service and Education. The major consists of 30 credit hours, including LATN2001 Intermediate Latin 1 and LATN2002 Intermediate Latin 2 and GREK1001 Elementary Greek 1 and GREK1002 Elementary Greek 2. Marquette also offers a Classical Languages program for Education Majors (with some additional requirements) and a Minor in Classical Languages (20 credits).

The Classical Studies major appeals to the diverse interests of 21st–century students. It focuses on the wisdom of the Classical World and its influence on modern civilization. Students in this program combine two years of Latin OR Greek with courses in various disciplines, most of which they may elect to suit their special interests. This is an ideal ‘second’ major for persons bound for graduate school or the professions, who desire a strong foundation in the liberal arts. The major consists of 36 credit hours, including LATN2001 Intermediate Latin 1 and LATN2002 Intermediate Latin 2 or GREK2001 Intermediate Greek 1 and GREK2002 Intermediate Greek 2, and 21 elective credit hours in ancient languages, civilization or tradition.


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