Elementary and intermediate level language courses are offered in Italian as well as courses taught in English about culture, civilization and literature.

The Italian studies at Marquette offers students valuable linguistic and cultural experience.  Italy has been one of the most important players in the intellectual and cultural history of Europe and the so called “West”.  From the Romans to the present, Italy’s contribution to the most disparate artistic fields (from music to dance, art, architecture, theater, literature and film) as well as in philosophy, theology and the sciences has been both qualitatively and quantitatively impressive.  Furthermore, due to its history and its geographical position, Italy has been the gate between Europe and Africa as well as Europe and Asia, making it a fertile site of important cultural hybridization and transnationalism which continues today.  Consequently, and as academia moves more and more toward an interdisciplinary approach to teaching and learning, research in Italian studies can profitably be combined with many other and diverse academic disciplines. 

Marquette offers beginner level (Ital 1001-1002); intermediate (2001-2002) and advanced (3001- 3100).

Besides the language classes, the program offers a class of Italian culture in translation (Ital 3200- Italy: How Food shaped a Nation- ) and one in Italian literature in translation (Ital 3210- The Southern Question and the Italian Emigration Experience to America-) which fulfills the Diverse Cultures knowledge area requirement for the University Core of Common Studies.




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