Digital Scholarship Lab - Graduate Assistant

Location: Digital Scholarship Lab - Raynor/Memorial Libraries

Position: Digital Scholarship Lab Graduate Assistant for Digital Projects

Job File Number:  90198

Hours per week: 20

Start date: 8/20/2017

Supervisor: Elizabeth Gibes

Number of openings: 1


Position Description:

The Digital Scholarship Lab ( supports the growing number of Marquette faculty and student research projects involving web development, digital posters, mapping, data analysis, text visualization, and other means of digital knowledge production and communication. The Lab, located in the lower-level of Raynor Memorial Libraries seeks a graduate student assistant to collaborate closely with the Lab team in supporting Digital Scholarship projects and courses. This position will assist in project development, as well as in technology-related trainings and workshops for the campus. This position offers the opportunity for hands-on experience in many applications used regularly in digital scholarship across a spectrum of disciplines.



  • Develop and create projects for the lab in various digital tools including but not limited to: Omeka, Tableau, Wordpress, Scalar, Carto and StoryMaps JS.
  • Support lab staff in providing consultation to students and faculty in the use of web mapping platforms, data visualization applications or web publishing sites.
  • Assist Lab staff in investigating and testing new software and platforms with potential for Digital Scholarship applications.
  • Prepare and facilitate workshops and small group learning sessions on various digital scholarship applications.
  • Support courses partnering with the Digital Scholarship Lab through orientations, consultations and small group instructional sessions in relevant digital tools.



  • Must be a graduate student
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • An aptitude and desire to learn new technologies
  • Basic proficiency in HTML 5, CSS and jQuery

Prior experience using information visualization tools and/or web mapping platforms (e.g., Tableau Public, ESRI tools, Carto)



Please contact Elizabeth Gibes at for application instructions.