Digital Programs Undergraduate Assistant

Location: Digital Programs - Raynor Memorial Libraries

Position: Digital Programs Undergraduate Assistant

Job File Number: 86330

Openings: 1

Work Hours: M-F from 8am to 5pm

Hours per week: 10

Hourly wage: $7.95

Start Date: Fall 2017

Supervisor: Leslie Quade

Position Description:

Assist staff with tasks associated with Marquette’s institutional repository, e-Publications@Marquette, including:
Tracking projects using an Excel spreadsheet;
Creating descriptive records;
Scanning documents;
Reformatting documents in Word, PDF and other formats;
Locating materials in online databases and on the library shelves;
Verifying citation information;
Describing materials for an online repository;
Adding materials to an online repository.


Strong communication skills and attention to detail are required. On the job training is provided.

Preferred qualifications include: experience with MS Office and basic research techniques (catalog searching, citing sources).


Applications are being accepted for this position. To apply for this position, please fill out this application and email it to Leslie Quade at

Upon being hired additional forms may need to be completed at Zilber Hall, room 121.