Browsing Collection


Looking for something fun to read?

Need a break from textbooks? Then stop by the Browsing Collection, located on Raynor's second level. This collection offers a wide range of current fiction, poetry, biography, and popular books on contemporary social issues.

What Books are included?

  • Contemporary literature (novels, short stories, poetry, drama)
  • Discussions of current social, political, and cultural issues, scientific theories, discoveries, and controversies
  • Biographies of celebrities, politicians, artists, athletes, scientists, inventors, and health care professionals
  • Personal narratives of social and political struggle, coping with illness and injury
  • Art and photography books

For how long can you check them out?

Three weeks. Sorry, no renewals.

Is there a list of books in Browsing?

Yes, you can view the entire collection or view books added to Browsing in the past month. Books currently in the Browsing Collection have "Raynor Browsing" in the Location field.