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BUREAU OF CATHOLIC INDIAN MISSIONS RECORDS, 1848-[ongoing], 609.7 feet [421 reels microfilm] (25.0 feet unprocessed).

With respect to Indian Affairs, Series 1, 2, 13, 14 and 16 contain significant documentation on Catholic Church relations with the United States Government. Some related pictures appear in Series 9, a selection of which is included online in the Bureau of Catholic Indian Missions Digital Image Collection.
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Photocopies of case files, obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, largely concerning the agency's investigations of political dissent. Notable files include those on Albert Einstein, the House Committee on Un-American Activities, Joseph McCarthy, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Watergate, and the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom. The collection also contains the J. Edgar Hoover Official and Confidential File.
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FOX, NOEL P., PAPERS, 1924-1982, 7.5 feet.

Case files, correspondence, clippings, and reports documenting the political and judicial career of Noel P. Fox, a graduate of Marquette University who served as U.S. District Court judge for the Western District of Michigan, 1962-1979. Notable among 39 federal court cases in the files are those concerning the desegregation of schools in Benton Harbor, Kalamazoo, and Lansing, Michigan, and the fishing rights of Ojibwa and Ottawa Indians in Michigan. In addition, there is substantial information on Fox's surveys of Michigan's corrections system (1949) and justice courts (1959-1961), and on the Michigan Constitutional Convention of 1961, for which he chaired the Citizen's Advisory Committee on the Judiciary Department. Other files relate to Fox's activities as an arbitrator and mediator of labor disputes (1941-1956) and circuit court judge in Muskegon, Michigan (1951-1962), and his unsuccessful campaigns for Congress (1938 and 1950) and Secretary of State of Michigan (1948).
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KERSTEN, CHARLES J., PAPERS, 1919-1972, bulk 1946-1960, 13.2 feet.

Papers documenting the political career of an attorney and U.S. Representative (Rep.) from the 5th Congressional District of Wisconsin (1947-1948, 1951-1954), who investigated Communist membership in labor unions (1947-1948), authored the Kersten Amendment to "support resistance behind the Iron Curtain" (1951) and chaired the House Select Committee on Communist Aggression (1953-1954). Included are campaign files, constituent correspondence (substantially weeded), press clippings, speeches, audiotape recordings, a small amount of personal correspondence, and subject files pertaining to the "captive nations" of eastern Europe and national liberation movements within these countries. The collection includes correspondence to and from Richard M. Nixon.
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Political campaign records that came into the possession of James R. Klauser during his thirty-year career helping Republican candidates to get elected in Wisconsin. Most records pertain to the gubernatorial elections of Tommy G. Thompson.
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McCARTHY, JOSEPH R., PAPERS, 1930-1957, 141.6 feet (36.6 feet unprocessed).

Papers documenting the political career of the Republican Senator from Wisconsin, including campaign files, manuscripts, photographs, press clippings, speeches, sound recordings of speeches and broadcasts, a few films, reports and publications, a small amount of personal correspondence (1940s), and subject files pertaining largely to his investigations of communism. Campaign records, manuscripts, and subject files are sealed.
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Correspondence, publications, printed materials, and photographs regarding the termination, restoration, and welfare of the Menominee Indians and the designation of the Wolf River as a National Scenic River.

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REUSS, HENRY S., PEACE CORPS RECORDS, 1958-1967, 1973, 1980, 1.3 feet.

Correspondence, manuscripts, photographs, and publications documenting Reuss' proposal for a Point Four Youth Corps and public reaction to the plan, the founding of the Peace Corps (for which he drafted the authorizing legislation), the establishment of a binational Peace Corps project with West Germany, and the establishment of Peace Corps volunteer training programs at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and Marquette University.
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ROTH, TOBY, PAPERS, 1974-1997, 39.2 feet.

Papers documenting the political career of the U.S. Representative (Rep.) from the 8th Congressional District of Wisconsin, 1979-1997. Contains legislative files, correspondence, reports, press releases, newspaper clippings, speeches, campaign records, photographs, and audio-visual materials.
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THOMPSON, TOMMY G., PAPERS, 1957-[ongoing], bulk 1986-2001, 305 feet.

Papers documenting the public career of the Wisconsin Republican who served as State Assemblyman (1967-1986) and Governor (1987-2001) before becoming U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services (2001-2005). The collection includes personal papers, photographs, memorabilia, and audiovisual materials documenting Thompson's public service at the state and federal levels.
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Audiotaped interviews of 21 former public officials and journalists concerning issues and personalities in Wisconsin state government and the government of the city and county of Milwaukee. Notable interviewees include Lee Sherman Dreyfus, John A. Gronouski, Patrick J. Lucey, Gaylord Nelson, William F. O'Donnell, John W. Reynolds, Martin J. Schreiber, and Frank P. Zeidler. Typed summary descriptions exist for most interviews.
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ZABLOCKI, CLEMENT J., PAPERS, 1936-1986, 40.2 feet

Papers documenting the political career of the U.S. Representative (Dem.) from the 4th Congressional District of Wisconsin, 1949-1983, who was primary author of the War Powers Act of 1973 and chaired the House Committee on International Relations/Foreign Affairs from 1977 until his death. Included are constituent correspondence, newsletters, press releases, and speech files, as well as records relating to politics and elections, legislative activities, and service on committees, particularly Foreign Affairs. Photographs and audio, film, and video recordings of the Congressman are also contained in the holdings.
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ZABLOCKI, CLEMENT J., ORAL HISTORY COLLECTION, 1984-1985, 1989-1990, 0.2 foot

Interviews of the congressman's associates and family member by William Haskins (transcripts) and Stephen Leahy (audiocassettes). Notable interviewees include George Reedy and Ivo Spalatin.
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