Resources Available to Courses with Digital Projects

  • Dedicated in-lab workdays with technical assistance 

    Reserve days for your class to meet in the lab, work with software and equipment with immediate technical assistance. Reserve Lab Space >> 

    Customized in-class instruction

    The Digital Scholarship Librarian, along with lab staff and subject liaisons can help you envision a digital assignment for your class. We help identify tools and resources for your students and offer in-class instruction. Schedule a Workshop >> 

    Digital Project Consultations

    Lab staff is available to work with students one-to-one. Request a digital project consultation with this form.

    Walk-in help with a Digital Media tutor

    We've got trained student help available to assist in troubleshooting and technical issues. From exporting video files, formatting poster files or choosing a files formats for your infographic, we've got you covered. M-TH, 4-8 PM. 


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