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Supporting Milwaukee through service

 Library staff cleanaingIn support of Marquette’s mission to dedicate ourselves to the service of others, the Dean of University Libraries and library staff participated in several service activities in the Milwaukee community.

Library staff volunteered their time at area organizations including the International Learning Center – practicing language skills with refugees and immigrants, the Aurora Adult Day Center - running a carnival for adults with disabilities or illness - Our Next Generation, conducting a neighborhood clean-up with youth - and the Lloyd Street Campus Milwaukee College Prep, helping to make its library a clean and enjoyable place to be.

The volunteer experience is the first of what will be an annual opportunity for library staff. The Libraries will continue to work with Marquette University’s Office of Service Learning on an ongoing basis to support service needs in the Milwaukee area.

Staff will not have to wait until next year to participate in service, however, as they have taken the opportunity to work again with Milwaukee College Prep youth during its Amazing Handshake Competition on Monday, November 18. The competition allows students to practice interpersonal skills such as politeness, expressing gratitude and confidence, fostering relationships, and adjusting to varying social situations. The top five finalists in the competition will be greeters at the MCP Take a Stand Party taking place November 21.