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Oxford Handbooks Online

What are handbooks? Why would you use them?

Handbooks are advanced-level subject encyclopedias. They can be especially useful when:

  • You are new to a subject and need an intellectual map
  • You are an experienced practitioner in a field, but need a review of a common problem

Oxford Handbooks Online contains many highly regarded handbooks from Oxford University Press. It covers four major subject areas:

  • Business & management
  • Philosophy
  • Political science
  • Religion

The handbooks provide comprehensive overviews, as well as detailed analyses of the common problems and methodologies for the four subjects. Their entries are typically short essays, often of a standard format, and include bibliographies. Editors try to get the best people in the field to write on their specialties. The full content of each module is listed at the links below and the handbooks may be searched individually or as a subject group.

Similar to other licensed digital books, access is permitted from off-campus locations for current members of the Marquette community; more about remote access here.

Questions about this resource may be directed to the Information Desk, (414) 288-7556.

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