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Photo of Dean Janice Welburn

January 2012—Welcome back and Happy New Year!

We hope you are well rested and that your semester is off to a good start. This year I did what I usually do as December gives way to a new year —I spent time thinking about my resolutions for 2012. I thought about losing weight, exercising, trying to be a better person, reading more and watching less television. No more “Dancing With the Stars” or reality shows about hoarding for me. Instead, this year I want to give new meaning to how might I be the difference for someone else.

New Year’s resolutions, we all know, are hard to keep. Yet we also know that considered in earnest, we can be better, do better than the year before.

So, as dean, I am resolved to continue to support the staff of Raynor Memorial Libraries in their pursuit of the best possible service to the Marquette University community. We thought a lot about this in 2011 and will continue to do so throughout 2012:

  • Listen to and seek out the many voices in the Marquette community to determine and understand present and anticipated needs for information.
  • Communicate our priorities continuously, making the Marquette community aware of the variety of services and resources that meet all forms of intellectual curiosity, in learning and in scholarship.
  • Pursue opportunities to collaborate with our students and faculty, especially as they incorporate new and emerging technologies in the classrooms, research, and in programs that benefit the entire campus and bring us closer to our mission.
  • Connect students with the resources that enhance their ability to get the educational experience they expect at Marquette.
  • Continue to deliver as much content to the desktop, tablet, ultrabook, or handheld device as is technologically possible to provide our community with resources without necessarily having to walk through the physical doors of Raynor.
  • Ensure that Raynor Memorial Libraries remains a center of engagement and discovery for the entire Marquette community.

We believe that success can begin at the Libraries. So, as you reflect on the start of your new year and your own resolutions, we hope that the staff, services, and resources of Raynor Memorial Libraries provide everything you need to make your year a success.

Janice Welburn, Dean
Raynor Memorial Libraries