Marquette Retiree Library Benefits

Borrowing Privileges

Retirees from Marquette University retain the same borrowing privileges as when they were employed by the University. To borrow materials from Raynor Memorial Libraries retirees must have a valid Marquette Retiree identification card complete with a 14-digit barcode number. If your identification card does not have a barcode number contact the Raynor Memorial Libraries Access Services (Circulation) Department either in-person or call (414) 288-7555.

Database Access

EBSCOhost icon

Raynor Memorial Libraries has partnered with Marquette's Retirees Association (MURA) to license access to two EBSCOhost research databases. These databases include Academic Search and Business Source Alumni Editions. Together the two databases include more than 4,000 full text periodicals, including popular magazines, peer-reviewed academic journals, and trade publications, in a complete range of subjects.

Academic Search currently offers abstracting and indexing for 13,664 journals and magazines, of which 2,694 carry the full text and 2,337 are peer-reviewed journals. Examples of the top journals include popular interest magazines such as Byte, Money Economist, Time, Prevention, and U.S. News and World Report; scholarly journals include Theology Today, Public Opinion Quarterly, Middle East Journal, and Research in Sports Medicine. See a complete list of journals and magazines in Academic Search.

Business Source offers coverage of 4,959 journals and trade magazines, of which 1,390 are full text and 702 are peer-reviewed. Examples of top magazines include Billboard, Nonprofit World, Journal of Accountancy, PC Week, and Fortune; the database includes scholarly journals in all business fields. See a complete list of periodicals in Business Source.

Agreements with publishers affect the availability of PDF page images, starting dates of full text, and some publishers may embargo or delay current issues. Also, note that the above numbers relating to coverage, full text, etc. are constantly changing.

To access these EBSCOhost databases you must have a valid Marquette Retiree identification card that includes a 14-digit barcode. If your Marquette Retiree ID card does not have a barcode please contact the Raynor Memorial Access Services (Circulation) Department either in-person or call (414) 288-7555.

CONNECT to Databases



Marquette retirees residing in Wisconsin also have access to several databases offered via Wisconsin's BadgerLink program. To have online access to the BadgerLink resources the Internet Service Provider (ISP) must have registered with the State of Wisconsin. Database access is also provided via library barcode through many of the state's public libraries.

CONNECT to BadgerLink.