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Betty Pace Crusade Cover

FALL 2007

The Crusade of Betty Pace

BETTY BUCKLEY WAS JUST A GIRL when she met her lifelong nemesis — sickle cell disease. She couldn’t yet understand the abnormal, sickle-shaped red blood cells that made her friend Phyllis sick. But she saw Phyllis’ fatigue and excruciating pain. More

Four Year, Four Grads


Four Years, Four Grads

They have plans, aspirations and Marquette degrees. We'd like to introduce four students who recently crossed the line that separates "students" from "alumni." Here's who they've become. More

Dentistry in Captivity

Spring 2007


College of Engineering’s GasDay project helps utilities turn up the heat. Like most people in New Mexico, Pat O’Connell is not accustomed to freezing temperatures — not even in the dead of winter. But as senior gas supply planner for the state’s largest utility, he has to be ready for whatever the weather brings. Go to Issue Main

Dentistry in Captivity

Winter 2007

Dentistry in Captivity

Dr. John Scheels, Dent '75, eases toothaches and bruised beaks in species large and small. During the week Scheels is an ordinary dentist. But on his off hours, he's the dentist at the Milwaukee County Zoo and Chicago's Brookfield Zoo, where he performs root canals on polar bears, pulls infected teeth from lions, and mends broken beaks of exotic birds. Go to Issue Main

SUMMER 2006 Marquette Magazine

FALL 2006

The Beginning

A Jesuit college in Milwaukee? Many balked at Bishop J. Martin Henni's impossible dream. First of a three-part series of excerpts from a book commissioned by Marquette in honor of the university's 125th anniversary.| Go to Issue Main

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with names of the Mandolin Club members.

SUMMER 2006 Marquette Magazine

Summer 2006

The Fish Story

How can the lamprey help advance spinal cord research? Dr. James T. Buchanan's pioneering research in neurophysiology is shedding light on that mystery and may one day lead to new therapies for curing spinal cord diseases and injuries. |
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Spring 2006

Working for the Children

Matthias Seisay spoke out against the use of child soldiers in his native Sierra Leone and was forced to flee the country and work for those children from afar. He will graduate from Marquette in May and then begin working on a graduate degree in dispute resolution. He hopes to one day return home. | Go to Issue Main

Winter 2006

Humble Servants

Literacy, a child’s health, the comfort of family, a safe place to sleep. The simplest things are beyond the reach of most of the world’s poorest people. | Go to Issue Main


Fall 2005

Soul Doctor

The deserts of Iraq may be thousands of miles from the free clinic at 51st and Ashland on the south side of Chicago, but in the space between them, hands outstretched in service, stands Bill Blazek, Arts ’86, a Gulf War I infantry officer turned medical doctor turned Jesuit scholastic. | Go to Issue Main


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