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Student election pulse

By Jessie Bazan, communication junior

With the presidential election just days away, choice is pulsating the nation. Blue or red? Fact or fiction? Four new or four more? America can't seem to agree on much, but this we can say for sure  — the youth vote will be vital in determining the winner of the 2012 race for the White House.  

With this in mind, Marquette's student political groups have been hard at work revving up the campus with election excitement. The College Republicans brought Ann Romney to campus in mid-September, and the College Democrats recently hosted a rally with actresses Olivia Munn and Ashley Judd. In addition, the Law School Poll results have garnered national attention.  

In this historic time, we asked our students, "What issue is most important to you in this election?" Here are some responses:

"The biggest thing for me is taxation of the middle class. I don't want to have to pay more taxes while big businesses get off." — junior, first-time voter

"The economy — because we need to reduce the deficit and we need to increase employment. I think we'll have problems in the future if we don't take care of this now." — freshman, first-time voter

"For me, this election is all about women's rights." — junior, first-time voter

"The most important issue I think is money for tuition. If there's a way to keep funding for students, I think that's one of the biggest issues for me." — senior, second-time voter

"The economy, as clichι as it sounds. It's very pertinent to me as a student because in a couple years, I'm going to have to go out into the job market and look for some sort of employment. Obviously, a more favorable economy would increase my chances of finding a job." — sophomore, first-time voter

"I'd say health care. My dad's a doctor so I've heard a lot about it, and I'm hoping to pursue a career in health care." — freshman, first-time voter

"I think building up our economy right now is most important. I think that people are focusing too much on women's rights and other issues right now that are separating us and not going to move our country forward, no matter who gets elected." — junior, first-time voter

"The most important issue to me is the stability of Medicare and Social Security." — junior, first-time voter

"In my opinion, it is topics on the economy and what the longevity of it looks like. We all go to college right now and then to go out and get a job. I think jobs and the availability of them is one of the biggest things to look at." — senior, first-time voter

"I do think the economy is important, especially being a graduating senior. It's important that we have jobs out there, and the unemployment rate keeps going up, so I think we need to do something to fix that in the future." — senior, first-time voter

"The economy is definitely the most important thing for me. Especially living in metro-Detroit, with the auto industry employing most of the adults I know, we were hit incredibly hard. With the state that Detroit is already in, that was horrible to witness and we can't take that again. So many people are struggling to keep their families afloat right now, and we need a president who can lift this country up." — junior, first-time voter

"Jobs, because I'm graduating in a year from now and I'm terrified that there might not be a job waiting for me." — junior, first-time voter

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