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Campus love connections

Located in the center of Marquette's campus is a landmark that many alumni hold close to their hearts. Marquette Magazine asked readers to share stories from their campus courtships, and as it turns out, the sacred space outside St. Joan of Arc Chapel helped grow many bonds of love. Here are a few of our favorites.

I Love My Valentine!! from Joey Campagna on Vimeo.

Sarah Campagna, Arts ’02, shared this about the video (embedded above) her husband Joey, H Sci ’00, produced for her this Valentine's Day:

Here's a slideshow my husband created for me. Note the first picture shows us in Humphrey Hall together in 1998 my freshman year. The last photo was taken on the bench near Joan of Arc Chapel where we first met. Our oldest son took the photo when we visited the campus in 2011.

From Barbara Neuwald Kurudza, Arts ’82

I met my husband through mutual friends in the old student union. After a friendship developed, we started dating in March 1981 and were married in September 1984. Our favorite spot on campus was the space around Joan of Arc Chapel.

We would meet there to eat lunch, talk, read but mostly to share our hopes and dreams, our faith and values, the deepest secrets of our hearts and musings of our souls. Everywhere else on campus, we fully embraced all of the opportunities and experiences available, along with our classmates, many of whom became lifelong friends. But our time at the chapel was special to us alone it was our sacred space.

For our 10th anniversary, I commissioned a pen and ink drawing of the chapel for Dave as a reminder of the iconic quality of that space and our shared history. To this day, it holds a special place in our hearts and always will. Each year, we spend some reflective time there before Al's Run. Marquette was transformative for both of us in so very many ways. We are grateful to this amazing institution that formed and fashioned us as adults and that brought the two of us together to share our life's journey in love and faith!

From Adam Engman, Arts ’97, Grad ’99

We had Spanish 182 and Poli Sci 60 together. We also went to daily Mass at the same time. We were friends first and then became a couple on Sept. 11, 1996 in front of Cudahy Hall. I proposed to Michelle in front of St. Joan of Arc Chapel on Sept. 11, 1998. We got married on May 22, 1999, and the day after, I graduated from Marquette's MSHR program.   

From Mary Mindel, Eng ’78

This photo was taken after Marquette won the semifinal game on its way to the 1977 NCAA championship. My husband and I would have our first date that night: a Bucks game (they beat the Pistons) and then on to a disco. What can I say? It was the 70s. We've been married for 30 years and always get a kick when this photo (that has us in the foreground) gets published in Marquette publications. We have a reproduction hanging in our home. Lucky for us to be Marquette basketball fans!

From John Vidoni, Eng ’08

Sara and I met during RA training in the fall of 2007. I was an RA at Carpenter Tower and she was at Schroeder. We were training the incoming RAs and running scenarios they will see during the school year. Sara and I were in the “party room.” Little did I know that the party was just getting started, and we married three years later!

Elizabeth Stone, Arts ’12

Andy, Eng ’15, and I, Arts ’12, met right before finals my junior year of college. Over that summer, we randomly saw each other at the Rec Center and around campus. We eventually hung out and spent his birthday together that June and have been inseparable from then on! Since my graduation from Marquette in May 2012, I decided to serve through the Jesuit Volunteer Corps in Berkeley, Calif., while Andy completed his co-op for Captain James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Center in North Chicago. The distance has been challenging, but we are as strong as ever. I plan on attending graduate school at Marquette for human resources beginning the fall of 2013, while Andy completes his engineering degree!

From Bill Schubert, Eng ’79

My now-wife, Mary Waitekus Schubert, Nurs '79, and I were celebrating senior week with friends when we met each other at the senior picnic at Lake Park. Only three days till graduation, our paths crossed again at Jim Hegarty's, then on to the jazz concert at the union. We had our first date two days later. After graduation we both started jobs back in Illinois and began dating soon after. We were engaged in a year and married a year later. We have been blessed to have four children, who are now adults and living in the Midwest. We will celebrate our 32nd anniversary this May.

From Jackie Gassert-Fonk, Bus Ad ’89, Bus Ad ’90

Brian and I met on campus as I was the manager of the apartment building he lived in. We spent time going to class together as friends and as time passed we fell in love enjoying recreational sports on campus, attending basketball games, playing tennis, racquetball and enjoying campus and scholastic life. We both graduated, found excellent jobs and married in July 1993. We now have a beautiful family of five and look forward to our kids following in our Marquette tradition. We still enjoy our Marquette family and friends.

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