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Information Technology is providing the healthcare industry new opportunities to improve patient outcomes while reducing costs. Meaningful use, electronic health records, and healthcare reform are topics in the news that all depend on improvements in information technology and management systems. Whether it is managing records, finding relevant information, or analyzing patient data, computing is at the heart of the job.

Healthcare IT supplies infrastructure for healthcare organization; consequently courses listed above in Enterprise Architecture are very relevant. Healthcare IT also supplies applications; consequently courses listed above in Software Engineering are relevant. Healthcare IT also supports analysis of clinical or business data; consequently courses listed in Business Analytics are relevant.

We have an initiative we call Start IT. It was originally deigned to help dislocated workers without a computing background to start a new career in Healthcare Information Technology. An important element of Start IT is professional experience while studying for the MS degree. We are expanding this concept to provide a career path in HIT for those with or without computing experience. Importantly, through the professional experience it can provide financial assistance to those interested in the expanding field of HIT. (Follow this link to discover more about the innovative Start IT option.)

The courses below have content specific to healthcare. These can be used in conjunction with other technical courses from the architecture, software engineering, or analytics career focus to plan a course of study.


Courses offered with specific Healthcare content are as follows::


Course Number Title Description
MSCS 6055 Software Quality Assurance Quality approaches as they apply to requirements, design, release, configuration management, testing, defect management, and operations and support.
MSCS 6931 MSCS Topics: Healthcare IT Designed to provide an overview of the opportunities for efficiency and effectiveness in the healthcare sector. The course provides a broad overview of key topics on healthcare and more specifically on how IT is transforming the design & delivery of healthcare.

MSCS 6931 or

INTE 6156 or

EECE 5840

MSCS Topics: Security/
Privacy and Security/
Computer Security
These courses cover safeguards, risk management, data tampering, authentication, encryption, digital signatures, authorizations, intrusion detection and prevention, ethical issues, privacy and cryptology.

HEAL 6846

Health Care Informatics Study of informatics in health care with emphasis in information systems. Includes evaluation of actual and potential applications of informatics in health care administration.
    Many of the courses in Software Development/ Software Engineering as well as Business Analytics/Business Intelligence and System/ Enterprise Architecture are relevant to a focus on Healthcare IT



Summer Research Experience

The Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science hosts a Summer Research Experience (REU) for Undergraduates. This program provides undergraduates with an intensive, faculty-mentored, summer research experience in the areas of applied mathematics, high-performance computing, statistics, ubiquitous systems and mathematics education. Learn more